Savid – Quora and Renaissance

Published on Beatsmedia 12/02/2014:

Savid - Quora and Renaissance

It’s amazing to hear a 17-year-old achieve such a level of sophistication in production. Savid is quite close to achieving the ultimate balance between multiple genre influences.

‘Quorra’ is a wonderful, melodic piece. However, the transitions and arrangement or layering of sound has room for improvement. The vocal stutters are included far too often within a minute and thirty seconds of the preview. Yet, in terms of layering and mastering, it’s on the right level of subtlety. On the bright side, the descending scales that chime in go well with the melody rising in tempo, and the chords that come are absolutely amazing.

‘Renaissance’ is a brilliant result of Savid’s collaboration with Digital Elements & Alen. The bass line has a subtle twang that’s mild enough to keep the track light and relaxing. More importantly, the most desirable and fresh element is the inclusion and modification of string instruments. It was intentionally made to sound like Balearic and Middle Eastern music. Yet, the laid-back feeling created by this track can be easily and universally grasped.

Savid’s EP is now available on Beatport through Always Alive recordings.

Creativity 8/10

Melody 10/10

Bass 8/10

Mood 10/10

Overall rating 9/10


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