Bass Modulators – Our Dreams

The melodic sounds of Bass Modulators are sensational and at times, hypnotizing. Their most repeated track on my iPod of all time is their ‘Anthem of Summer’. Even in the coldest winter’s nights, the track can instantly make me think of warm rays of sunlight. Today, I noticed that they were responsible for composing this

Brennan Heart – Hard Bass Junkie (Digital Punk Remix)

Hello to the darkest corners of the internet! I’ve been super busy with some commitments in real life, so I’m struggling to find more time and inspiration to write more frequently. I’m basically taking full advantage of my urge to express my feelings about Digital Punk’s release right now, before I collapse on my cosy

Darren Porter and Manuel Le Saux – Loud Noises

Published on Beatsmedia 5/7/2015: Tytanium Recordings, a sublabel of Black Hole Recordings, have recently allowed two talented trance producers—namely, Darren Porter and Manuel Le Saux—to collaborate on a piece titled “Loud Noises.” However, contrary to the title of the track, it probably wouldn’t be something anyone would consider too loud at all. In fact, it would probably sound quite pleasant

Blasterjaxx & DBSTF feat. Ryder – Beautiful World (D-Block & S-Te-Fan Remix)

Published on Beatsmedia 3/5/2015: I noticed that D-Block and S-Te-Fan (a.k.a. DBSTF) had released something on Revealed Recordings quite some time ago. In fact, it was probably way back in January. I wasn’t really into that original mix, so I didn’t pay much attention to it. But I never, ever expected D-Block and S-Te-Fan

Jack of Sound – 911

Published on Beatsmedia 23/4/2015: There are a good handful of artists at Fusion Records who enjoy incorporating sound bites you’d expect to hear from horror movies into their tracks to help set the mood. One of them goes by the alias of Jack of Sound, and he often incorporates music-box like melodies into his tracks before promptly twisting