Kronos and Drone – Game Over | Holiday Review Series: Post 10

Remember those days when consoles were all bulky, and all the music in the games were MIDI? This brings back those childhood memories, and more. Incorporating Mario, fighting games, Tetris, and the best of raw Hardstyle, this track offers something no one should miss out on: A treasure chest loaded with devilishly addictive fun. The MIDI and electric violin component, sounds just like those old-school, cheesy villain themes in pixellated games. On top of that, this is one of those rare Hardstyle tracks that manage to incorporate tempo variations very effectively. The slow parts are very easy to bounce to, and the Hardcore tempo is slick yet fiery. It might have something to do with the fact that this was released under Zany’s label Unite Records. Zany himself has had experience with producing Hardcore as an ex-member of Shadowlands Terrorists.

‘Game Over’ was released through Unite Records on 11/03/2014.


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