Tommy Johnson – I Found Her

Published on Beatsmedia 11/02/2014:

Tommy Johnson - I Found Her

‘I Found Her’ has a fitting title for its romantic melody and well-managed transitions. Realisation, infatuation, and reflection are all captured in the introduction, and build-up, and chorus.

The original mix has an exquisite piano melody that sounds quite like bells at some parts. It also has a pulsing foreground melody might be a modified violin sound. Overall, it contains simple yet classically melodic Trance layers, and it will not get old no matter how many times it’s repeated.

Allen Watts’ remix places more emphasis on the melody, though the arrangements and percussion help to create memorable transitions as well. Towards the chorus, the chopping percussion is so highly impactful that it will put the listener into states of anticipation and awe.

Immersiv’s sharp remix involves tech sounds and experimentation with synths. As a result, it creates a flurry of electronic charges that will pump energy into the listeners’ veins, along with mild yet frequent shock waves that make the mind sizzle. In other words, it paints a beautiful digital landscape. Any attempts to resist dancing will be futile.

Tommy Johnson’s ‘I Found Her’ will be released on all stores on 17/02/2014 through Beyond The Stars Recordings.

Layering 10/10

Melody 10/10

Percussion 10/10

Transitions 10/10

Overall rating 10/10


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