My Nu Leng – ‘Masterplan’ EP

Published on Beatsmedia 27/02/2014:

My Nu Leng have quite a devious master plan to take over the world, and those efforts definitely come through in their dark EP.

‘Masterplan’ ft. Fox starts with a scratchy effect that sounds like someone’s scraping matchbox or using a cigarette lighter. The rap verses are pronounced with a Jamaican accent that sound mystical with its bells. Everything is topped with deep bass, fleeting wobbles, cool percussion, and whispers. It’s hard and cool, but you’ll be sweaty on the dance floor in no time.

‘Knowing’ has well-rounded bass pulses with grinding twangs and subtly fuzzy vocal samples combined with popping notes, fizzy claps, and light maracas. Two contrasting layers coexist in harmony, and the popping notes add little bursts of excitement. The atmosphere changes to something more solemn in the breakdown, and yet, it doesn’t take long for percussion and pops to take things back to a mischievous vibe.

My Nu Leng’s ‘Masterplan’ EP will be released through Black Butter Records on the 27th of February. I give ‘Masterplan’ and ‘Knowing’ a 9.5/10.


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