HSB – Kick The Bass (2012 Refixx)

Published on The Harder Mix 10/4/2013: http://thehardermix.tumblr.com/post/47573446842/hsb-is-breaking-down-doors-kick-the-bass-2012

HSB - Kick The Bass (2012 Refixx)

HSB are the Aussie duo tearing their way through the Hardstyle scene. They’ve even been on the line-ups of Defqon.1 Netherlands! Their latest release on Hard Blitz is called ‘Kick The Bass (2012 Refixx)’. Since this is a Refixx, this review will make a comparison between the old and the new.

The vocals and melody of ‘Kick The Bass’ (Original Mix) sound really cheeky. Which is Angelo? Which is Rosario? Hmm… The track has various melodic variations. They were innovative, even though the part might be too long. Perhaps it explains how this had been ringing in the boys’ heads all along, before they finally decided to make a Refixx.

‘Kick The Bass’ (2012 Refixx) speeds up the introductory kicks and leads into the build-up – straight to the point. The vocal sound less digitised, and there’s less of it. This edition caters to those who dislike too many vocal interruptions. The melody for the 2012 Refixx is much more simplified as well. They take the form of pleasurable chimes, instead of ringing complications. This also means that the interesting variations from the previous track are not in the Refixx. However, the quality of production, spatial illusion, the clear-cut effects, are definitely fresh and engaging changes.

Both versions of ‘Kick The Bass’ are distinctive in their own way. In terms of quirkiness and playfulness, the original has the fun. In terms of production quality, the 2012 Refixx holds the trophy with its rough and tough sound. Listen to both, and be stunned by the skills of HSB! Not many producers can make such firm decisions to revolutionise creations of the past. It’s no wonder this track made its way to #3 of Dance-Tunes.com’s Hardstyle Top 100 in April!


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