Broning – Smash!

Published on Pumped Audio 9/4/13:

Broning - Smash!

Infrasonic Music has been hailed by Armin van Buuren and Mixmag as one of the best trance label group around. They’ve recently launched a new label called Interstate Recordings, established by UK producer Sean Truby. One of the great Trance talents signed under their new label is known as Broning, who has previously received support from Armin van Buuren, Above & Beyond, and Markus Schulz.

Broning’s new single on Interstate Recordings is called ‘Smash’, snappy kicks and deep bass in the beginning make the high twangs sound like a pleasant surprise. After a little break, the melody starts to seep in. The fuzzies and tweeps crawl towards a silent beginning of the build-up, and this contrasting effect really hits things off with a strong impact.  After that, everything falls into place – the melody, the deep bass, the melody, the notes, circle around in a pot of goodness. If anyone ever looks into what Broning’s cooking, they’ll never want to leave the kitchen. Smash the garlic! Hear it sizzle in the pan! Ha, just joking, if only this review was written on the track’s April Fools’ Day release date. Oh well!


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