DJ Fanatics and their secret cards

Published on The Harder Mix 16/04/2013:

DJ Fanatics and their Secret Cards

Malfunction and Midshifter are the dudes from Hard Blitz Records who have produced some sensational tunes. In 2013, they decided to combine their talents and form a duo, under the name Fanatics. Since ‘You Are Not Alone’, which is the anthem of the first District 7 event, Fanatics have yet to announce the release dates for their new tracks. For now, only those who have been listening to ‘Down Underground’, or those who have heard them live, know about these releases.

One of the mysterious tracks that was played but not released is called ‘I Can’t Stop’. It made a debut on the very first episode of ‘Down Underground’, which is the Q-Dance Radio channel dedicated to Hardstyle tracks from Australian producers. The melody featured in the build-up and the chorus will spin around in minds forever like those spinning swings rides at amusement parks. Pounding kicks and bass will make bloods boil, and sprits will soar into a state of euphoric bliss. How could anyone possibly let such a beautiful track end?

The second mysterious track played on ‘Down Underground’ is titled ‘The Unknown’. In this episode, Fanatics did the guest mix, so they recorded an exclusive interview. Best response? “I can hop. You can hop and DJ. I’ve seen guys in raves in Sydney with like, crutches. If they can do it, we can hop-J.” Midshifter is adorable. Anyway, ‘The Unknown’ contains an ethereal female vocal, contrasted with the dark melody. It is neither demonic nor devilish. Instead, it releases a dream-like mist, filled with abstract fragments of a spirit’s past.

In the fourth episode of ‘Down Underground’, Fanatics submitted another track. The track seems to talk about a rapidly evolving Hardstyle scene. It tells a story that is rather bitter-sweet, reminding its listeners of how the evolution in the art of sound was what created Hardstyle in the first place. The kicks and the bass go with the melody so wonderfully. It sounds as if the elements are inseparable, like the relationship between Fanatics and Heineken.

Fanatics have produced so many delicious tracks, but no numbers indicate the time at which these tracks will be available for purchase or download. The mysterious duo has kept their cards close to their DJ decks. They’ll definitely win the game once they throw the cards out. Can’t wait to witness that momentous occasion!


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