Lion Babe – Where Do We Go

Would you ever combine Disco House with Hip Hop and Trap percussions? If your answer is no, this track by Lion Babe will break all those fictional musical barriers and exceed all expectations. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think this combination would be possible!

Imagine being on a dance floor and hearing the disco elements, reminiscing about those good, old golden times. Then, something about the additional layer of percussion begins creeping in the minds of the unsuspecting dancers…and poof! A brand new creation. The transition between each of these layers, these features of distinctly different genres, is absolutely flawless. In fact, it sounds almost natural, as though they have been mixed together in this pot of rainbow delight for many years.

If you don’t mind having a funky funk every now and then, or if you’re looking for something fresher than the prince, Lion Babe will tell you where to go and you’ll know what to do. Dance, baby, dance!

PS – I really wish this could be one of the tracks that people could dance or sing to for the Aussie Mardi Gras Parade tomorrow!



Afrojack – Ten Feet Tall

Afrojack - Ten Feet Tall

Published on Beatsmedia 14/03/2014:

I really love songs with a Latino dance vibe to them, and Afrojack’s latest track ‘Ten Feet Tall’, has managed to hit my soft spot.

The sprinkle of notes in the track sound like something between a flute and a beep as a result of varying compressions, and it doesn’t take long for the track to go into a piano and vocal solo moment. Surprisingly, the muffled chords in the build-up really keep the track fresh and engaging.

There’s also a melodic component of the track that sounds like modified marimba notes, or piano notes modified to sound close to a marimba. Another possibility is that the notes were arranged to sound like what would be played on a marimba … I may not know how Afrojack worked his magic, but I can definitely hear his ability to seamlessly combine instrumental and electronic sounds.

However, I should leave a final note here and say, there are some E/DM fans out there that may dislike songs too close to Pop songs people normally hear on radio. Since I don’t mind it as much, especially with a Latino vibe, I consider this a good tune. In fact, I would be interested to hear about collaboration between Afrojack and Jennifer Lopez.

Conformity 6/10
Melody 10/10
Instruments 10/10
Vocals 10/10
Overall rating 9/10

Seven Lions with Myon & Shane 54 feat. Tove Lo – Strangers

Seven Lions with Myon & Shane 54 feat. Tove Lo – Strangers

Published on Beatsmedia 14/03/2014:

Seven Lions have released a new single titled ‘Strangers’ in collaboration with Myon & Shane 54 and featuring Tove Lo. Yet, how could they possibly be considered strangers in the E/DM world with their stunning popularity?

The intro of ‘Strangers’ has a light yet sizzling feeling, with a subtle build-up drive that plays in the background rather than the cliché and loud foreground approach. Then, it turns into a snappy kick with downward spirals that just makes hips go round and round.

The female vocals and lyrics along with piano chords are isolated in the breakdown, before the sound layers are added one by one to introduce percussion and other melodic layers. The Dubstep components come in very softly and gradually without any forced instances of heavy drops or excessively annoying wobbles, which means the combination of genres are well balanced.

Combining Pop, Trance and Dubstep together in such a graceful manner allows the track to be relaxing yet groovy at the same time, and it really provides a pleasurable yet interesting listening experience. I give ‘Strangers’ (radio edit and extended mix) a 10/10!

Melody 10/10
Lyrics 10/10
Creativity 10/10
Transitions 10/10
Overall rating 10/10