Lion Babe – Where Do We Go

Would you ever combine Disco House with Hip Hop and Trap percussions? If your answer is no, this track by Lion Babe will break all those fictional musical barriers and exceed all expectations. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think this combination would be possible!

Imagine being on a dance floor and hearing the disco elements, reminiscing about those good, old golden times. Then, something about the additional layer of percussion begins creeping in the minds of the unsuspecting dancers…and poof! A brand new creation. The transition between each of these layers, these features of distinctly different genres, is absolutely flawless. In fact, it sounds almost natural, as though they have been mixed together in this pot of rainbow delight for many years.

If you don’t mind having a funky funk every now and then, or if you’re looking for something fresher than the prince, Lion Babe will tell you where to go and you’ll know what to do. Dance, baby, dance!

PS – I really wish this could be one of the tracks that people could dance or sing to for the Aussie Mardi Gras Parade tomorrow!



Klingande feat. Broken Back – Riva (Restart The Game)

By Angie ReviewsMarch 12, 2015 Klingande feat. Broken Back – Riva (Restart The Game)

Published on Beatsmedia 12/3/2015:

Klingande’s ‘Jubel’ managed to stay in the club charts for 22 weeks and received a lot of radio plays in Australia. This month, the French producer has returned to music stores with another instrumental House track, titled ‘Riva (Restart The Game)’. Although it has some tropical percussion as well, the atmosphere is vastly different from the rebelliousness in ‘Jubel’, which goes to show Klingande’s versatility as a producer.

The guitar components seem to have a Spanish musical style, combined with harmonica melodies filled with the vibe of the wild west. It’s amazing to see how all these different styles and elements can come together and produce a track that flows so well. It paints a picture of a beautiful sunset on a deserted island, where everyone can cast all their worries aside, relax, and get along with everyone. Perhaps this is yet another release that we’ll be hearing on the radio for a long time, too.

Klingande’s ‘Riva (Restart The Game)’ was released through Neon Records on the 3rd of March, 2015. You can purchase it here on Beatport.

Overall rating 10/10

Gorgon City ft. Jennifer Hudson – Go All Night (Freemasons Remix)

Gorgon City ft. Jennifer Hudson - Go All Night

Gorgon City released an album in December 2014 and it appears that a few of their releases will be lifted off the album and released in the form of multiple singles. I received the ‘Go All Night’ remixes in my inbox today. Seems a bit late, but better late than never!

Firstly, let’s start with the original mix. Unfortunately, it was plain and just like any other House track. I didn’t hear any new sound effects, cool arrangements or interesting moments that made me go wow. No transitions that led to anything more exciting or original. Gorgon City really seemed to be holding back a lot or staying safe.

On the other hand, every element in the Freemasons remix was considerably amplified, edgy and filled with attitude. Those descending bass lines were simple yet complemented Jennifer Hudson’s vocals perfectly. Freemasons were not afraid to be bold with twangs while adding classic, funky elements here and there. This remix strikes the perfect remix between the old elements and the new. Not to mention, I really liked that creepy, echoing component towards the outro. It was quite a cheeky move.

I tried to find the release date of the Freemasons remix, but it wasn’t really clearly stated anywhere. I went on iTunes via the Global PR Pool link, but it said the release wasn’t available in Australia. I do know the original mix was released in December 2014, but I wasn’t sure if these remixes were released afterwards. Anyway, if you know the date, feel free to tell me in the comments and I’ll update this post.

Watch out for the Freemasons remix!

Tkay Maidza – Switch Lanes

Tkay Maidza - Switch Tape EP

Paces has recently released the track ‘Switch Lanes’, featuring vocalist Tkay Maidza from Adelaide after performing at festivals Splendour in the Grass and Listen Out. This track will tickle your ears with its curiously flirtatious vibes and serve as great background music on a chilled night out.

‘Switch Lanes’ is inspired by a tropical marimba style with tiny little twists in percussion. A few instances of trap percussion and build-up methods peek in during the midpoint and towards the end, but not for long. The lyrics give off a laid-back kind of attitude which not only adds to the playful tone, but also subtly empowers the listener. The tone is casual and personal like a conversation between good friends. Give it a listen!

Percussion 7/10
Melody 8/10
Lyrics 6/10
Vocals 7/10

Klingande – Jubel

When I first heard the percussion for Jubel by Klingande, I thought most of the track was going to have a fairly monotonous tone. However, when the chords came in, I felt really happy about where the track was going. Instrumental elements such as the piano, saxophone and the twang from the guitar sounded great when looped. It’s a great summer classic selected as part of Neon Records’ House Essentials album for 2014, so get ready to hear this playing on every House fan’s speakers!

Percussion 6/10
Instruments 10/10
Arrangement 10/10
Mood 10/10

Axwell ^ Ingrosso – Can’t Hold Us Down

Former members of Swedish House Mafia Axwell and Ingrosso have released a brand new track. Don’t let the weird chew-chew intro throw you off, because it’s definitely worth listening to. The producers build suspense with successive notes hitting every beat, making it irresistible for listeners to release all the tension by moving every inch of their body.

Unfortunately, there are several downsides. The bridge sounds slightly misplaced with its sudden introduction of distorted vocals, which hardly make much of a difference to the track. Even its manipulation fail to introduce anything new and exciting. It’s unnecessary. There’s also a moment where the track speeds up significantly, which destroys the swaying sensation produced at its initial tempo.

This piece could be much more effective at creating the urge to dance if it was simpler. Nonetheless, the bass and melody is far too attractive for me to give this a two-star rating.

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Label: Def Jam Recordings & Neon Records
Release Date: Preview released yesterday, but official release is not announced yet.

Kiesza – Hideaway (Original and Remixes) | Holiday Review Series: Post 13

Kiesza - Hideaway

Classy, light and contemporary, yet groovy and soulful. The ‘Ooh’s and ‘Ah’s in the original mix makes everything sounds sassy and spicy at the same time. And that bass line? Downright irresistible. One thing that irks me slightly is one of the build-ups, where it brings cliche, Electro-Trance like beeps that increases in pitch. It just doesn’t fit in with the light House vibe. Fortunately, that only appears for a brief second, which is why that wasn’t enough to make me hate the track at all. In fact, it’s still the version I love most in this single.

The remixes bring unique goods to the table too. Gorgon City amps up the bass line, digging deep with round twists. Every time the compression levels release and contain the sound waves like that, I get goosebumps. I especially love the flute-like parts and very subtle wobbles which are hardly overdone at all.

Zac Samuels’ remix takes the 70s vibe intro even further with more instrumental incorporations, with the piano as the main focus. Remember those beeps in the original mix? Zac Samuels managed to muffle that and tone it down with cymbals. I would have liked the cymbals to cover it up more, but nonetheless, a good effort was made to blur out the flaw.

I give this Lokal Legend/Neon Records release a 5 out of 5.

Denzal Park and Dave Winnel – The Great Valley

Denzal Park and Dave Winnel - The Great Valley

Published on Beatsmedia 10/02/2014:

Denzal Park and Dave Winnel - The Great Valley

I was pleasantly surprised to have come across this promo mail from Neon Records. It wasn’t just because Neon Records was an Australian label, but also because of how marvellously unexpected the production style of the release titled ‘The Great Valley’. While those who listen to Progressive House often may not be accustomed to the genres and techniques incorporated in this release, Denzal Park and Dave Winnel are undoubtedly producers with great minds.

The introduction of the release begins with a muffled melody that rapidly speeds up and slows down in a very short time period. It’s as if a DJ spun the turntable round rapidly before stopping suddenly. It then resumes its progressive house tempo. The muffled melody, as heard from the beginning, consists of 32nd notes, and each note is a conglomeration of chords morphed into one. This adds richness and complexity as the chords rise in ascension. The Dubstep component manages to create a mood that is more emotionally intense which, despite its brevity, sparks my interest in a Dubstep version of this track.

‘The Great Valley’ is the result of collaboration between Neon Records and Diffused Music. This release is now available on Beatport.

Conformity 6/10
Creativity 9/10
Transitions 5/10
Simplicity 10/10
Overall rating 7.5/10