Digital Punk and Adaro – Whiplashed

On a dark laser night, a set was interrupted by a voice emerging from the very decks that they were playing on. The DJs, intimidated by its commands, started spinning at various speeds. Unsatisfied, the voice threatened them, and that seemed to be just the thing they needed to make things right.

No, this is not based on actual events. The aforementioned paragraph just seemed exactly like the story the track could be telling. I thought of beginning this review with very typical remarks, but felt that they won’t do justice to just how amazing the track was.

My amazement doesn’t just stop with the voice clips. The main attraction – the kicks, are absolute showstoppers. The static noise that pulses and fizzes as it diminishes, the deep bass that doesn’t lose its depth and weight no matter how fast Digital Punk and Adaro manipulate the tempo. Of course, the fizzes become less prominent when they are slightly overpowered by the melody in the climax, but think of that as a variation rather then a letdown. After all, the dark bass and harsh punches are to die for.

‘Whiplashed’ was released on Scantraxx Records on the 2nd of December.


Brennan Heart – Hard Bass Junkie (Digital Punk Remix)

Hello to the darkest corners of the internet! I’ve been super busy with some commitments in real life, so I’m struggling to find more time and inspiration to write more frequently. I’m basically taking full advantage of my urge to express my feelings about Digital Punk’s release right now, before I collapse on my cosy bed.

There was a time when I really liked Digital Punk’s style, particularly back when he was still releasing tracks through Tillt. However, after ‘Bringing The Funk’, I felt as though he delivered less than what I had been expecting. During the last time I saw him live at Sydney’s Bass Control, Digital Punk relied on playing several G4H tracks in a row, which was kind of disappointing. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t hate G4H or raw Hardstyle, but playing tracks from the same artist too many times in a row isn’t exactly the most creative way to play a set.

Anyway, let’s leave the past in the past. At this moment in time, I declare a change of heart. My doubts about Digital Punk were cleared after I heard his remix of Brennan Heart’s Hard Bass Junkie. For those of you who haven’t heard the original piece, play the clip below and you’ll hear the squeaky cheekiness combined with a catchy melody. It’s certainly one of the most addictive Hardstyle tracks that brings out the feelings within every Hardstyle fan.

In the remix, Digital Punk’s kicks are deep yet crisp and impactful, which makes things devilishly satisfying. This remix of Brennan Heart’s ‘Hard Bass Junkie’ cuts to the chase. Every kick acts like a blade that stabs straight into the toughest core. Nothing like Digital Punk’s collaboration with Hard Driver in ‘Crash ‘n Burn’, which seems to take too much time in building up to a chorus that doesn’t really hit the spot. I was also reminded of similar techniques that were used in my favourite track titled ‘We Still Don’t Give A F*ck‘, especially when I heard the compressed breakdown cause the vocals to sound like it was combined with a whispered version.

Digital Punk’s kicks are, without a doubt, among one of my favourite Hardstyle sounds right now. I’m looking forward to hearing what Digital Punk will come up with next and I’m going to pay close attention to his next original mix.

Digital Punk & Frequencerz ft. MC Nolz – We Still Don’t Give A F_ck

Digital Punk and Frequencerz ft. MC Nolz - We Still Don't Give a F_ck

Published on Beatsmedia 21 February 2015:

The Hardstyle gangsters have teamed up on Scantraxx Recordz to bring the darkest, rawest track I’ve heard from Scantraxx this year. This collaboration features artists: Frequencerz, who are among the most popular Hardstyle duos in Australia previously signed to Fusion Records, and MC Nolz.

The introduction itself refuses to spare a moment, so don’t expect to be gently led into this track. Even while the melody is compressed, listeners can feel the intensity that refuses to be tamed. In the breakdown, the rattling, the modification of Nolz’s vocals, the tinkling chains…These Hardstyle producers take every opportunity to build and maintain dramatic suspense. The lyrics are simple and MC Nolz starts off like he’s having a conversation with a fellow raver, before he begins to make loud and powerful declarations. It adequately represents the atmosphere of a Hardstyle rave and the rebellious attitudes of each raver. In fact, Nolz’s words are still audible despite the powerful growls and screeches of the synths and melodies. Evidently, the track is well mastered.

This is not for the people who like cheesy tunes and most definitely not for the weak. This is for the Hardstyle ravers who want to have their heads explode at a rave where the volume is loud and vibrations can be felt flowing through every vessel.

‘We Still Don’t Give A F_ck’ will be released through A2 Records on the 18th of February.

Overall rating: 10/10