Atmozfears ft. David Spekter – Release

Sometimes, no matter how cliche a track might be, it can still strike a chord within your soul. Although Atmozfears’ ‘Release’ shares similarities with other melodic Hardstyle tracks that were recently released, I still had an irresistible urge to play this at work, again and again.

I thought about how I only wrote about Atmozfears a few weeks ago about his incredible raw style, only to be struck by another one of his more emotional creations so soon. Despite its downsides, I suppose I can consider it a guilty pleasure to play this on repeat. Without further ado, I shall now write about the most positive aspects of this track. If you would like to read about its weakness, feel free to refer to my previous review of ‘Our Dreams‘ by Bass Modulators, because both ‘Release’ and ‘Our Dreams’ have the same flaw.

The reason why ‘Release’ sounds so uplifting is not just because of its lyrics and soothing vocals, but also the intervals in the melodies and the way it was mastered. The echoing effect seems to spread across a vast space, which really enhances the ethereal feeling produced by the ascending intervals. Instead of an explosion of anger, this track pops a great big balloon that was inflated with joy. Contrary to dark themes, it reminds its listeners of what it feels like to be on the top of the world.

I only need four words to sum it all up: Exhilarating, exciting, energetic, ethereal. Even if I might get tired of it at some point, I’m glad I enjoyed this at some point of my life.


Bass Modulators – Our Dreams

The melodic sounds of Bass Modulators are sensational and at times, hypnotizing. Their most repeated track on my iPod of all time is their ‘Anthem of Summer’. Even in the coldest winter’s nights, the track can instantly make me think of warm rays of sunlight. Today, I noticed that they were responsible for composing this year’s Dream Village 2015 anthem. After listening to a whole lot of monotonous Hardstyle releases, this certainly gave me some much needed relief.

I adore the free, adventurous and positive theme of this song. The wording of the lyrics were well written and chosen. That is, if you exclude the slight disconnection between the lyrical declaration “I will never ever give you up” and “we’re running wild…”. It really suits the vibe of an outdoor festival, where everyone can dance to their hearts’ content in a huge, grassy field. Definitely worthy of being sung by a huge crowd.

Although their ability to compose wonderful melodies and lyrics does not leave room for much doubt, there was a down side to the track: There were re-used high-pitch notes and synthesising techniques between the vocal parts. All you have to do is compare it to the choruses of Atmozfears’ ‘Release‘ (released a few months before ‘Our Dreams’), Adrenalize’s remix of ‘Starlight‘, and Bass Modulators’ very own ‘Oxygen‘. It even reminded me of Code Black’s releases ‘Starting Over‘ and ‘New World‘.

Is this recycling phenomenon good news for all the DJs who want to link tracks in a set? Are the producers just following a formula of success? Is it just a trend that will pass? Or, if it will pass, how much longer do I have to wait for it to evolve? I don’t know. Maybe, remembering too many details of Hardstyle tracks like this makes me an absolute party pooper. After all, ‘Our Dreams’ is not bad to the point where I’d walk away, so I can still convince myself to enjoy it. Not to mention, I’m sure the people who love getting drunk at festivals all the time won’t even notice, right? Maybe some people would hope so.

Atmozfears and Energyzed – Never Again

Atmozfears Singularity EP

When I found out that one of my colleagues liked instrumental Hardcore music and actually found Hardstyle tolerable, I decided to introduce her to raw Hardstyle tracks. Just imagine how much I wished I found out about ‘Never Again’ before the Easter holidays! I certainly would have let her listen to this rare piece of work!

I wasn’t expecting a track like this to come from a producer like Atmozfears at all, since most of the releases I’ve heard from him are euphoric in a joyful way. In this release, the kicks are brutal and very well mastered. The compression and scattering is just spot on. Another interesting thing about this piece is how both the kicks and the stuttering screamo vocals remind me of Hardcore production styles. I’ve never heard such a devillish Hardstyle track in my entire life and that makes it all the more impressive.

The breakdown melody for ‘Never Again’ track is dark and has a somewhat medieval tone, which serves as an unexpected turn or route from the screamo intro. If you ask me, it’d be perfect for Hardstyle fans who are into franchises like ‘Lord of the Rings’ or ‘Game of Thrones’. It really sparks the warrior or knight within you to fight for what you believe in. In fact, this sounds like such an iconic melody that it deserves to be an anthem for a festival with an edgy theme.

As Scantraxx Records have written in the description of the YouTube video for ‘Never Again’, this raw track is a clear demonstration of Atmozfears’ creativity and versatility as a producer. My level of admiration for Atmozfears has increased exponentially. I look forward to hearing more raw tracks from both Atmozfears and Energyzed in the future.

Code Black and Atmozfears – Starting Over | Holiday Review Series: Post 5

When an Aussie Hardstyle producer that everyone is proud of works with one of the melody masters of the Hardstyle world, an endless stream of brilliance flows.

In this track, there is an interesting use of cymbal effects in the intro that doesn’t rely on the cliche roll. It fades off quickly and appropriately to make way for the main melody played with the piano, which is so stunning and ethereal, that even the muffled effect at the intro cannot mask its amazing power to lift spirits up high. The lyrical content is simple, casual, yet powerful. Every statement is strong and succinctly expressed with a minimal amount of words, and the light-hearted and snappy kicks brings out its uplifting positivity with every hit.

It’s time to relax those worried or tense eyebrows, and look upon personal goals with a vibrant smile of confidence. The key to overcoming any difficulties is to take on challenges with the positive attitude, and get the most out of life by having fun. ‘Starting Over’ encompasses these words of wisdom effortlessly, making it the perfect source of inspiration, motivation, and release, for anyone who needs it.

‘Starting Over’ is the official anthem for XXelerator 2014, released through WE R Music.