Hard Attakk – Nasty Bass

Hard Attakk - Nasty Bass

When I first heard the this song on Unleashed 034 and heard the chorus, I instantly thought of ‘Carol of the Bells‘ and wondered whether Hard Attakk got their inspiration from that piece. After all, even Zatox turned to classical music for ideas and Da Tweekaz certainly didn’t mind snatching a cradle melody. It’s always great when you can find links between different genres. Of course, what’s even more satisfying is knowing that it can be turned into utterly devastating monstrosity.

The kicks for this piece are quite abrupt and the tempo is just a little bit faster than the usual Hardstyle tempo, which is cool for those who have an appetite for fast impact. On top of that, the radio edit wastes no time with bringing its listeners straight into the crux. You can sense the impending evil even when the chorus melody is in its phase of decompression.

What I also love about this track is the way Hard Attakk brings in about three or four different kick variations, featured in brief intervals right before the next breakdown. Each of these are special in their own way, but the track would have been quite messy if the intervals were longer than what they were in the radio edit. In addition, the original kick that was used for this track is charming enough to leave me entranced. This led me to wonder whether the little segments of these kicks were a way of displaying the kick development process: How it evolved into its final, chosen form.

Get dirty, get gritty and get your gabber gear ready. Kick up some dust with this nasty bass and don’t miss out on the fun!

PS – I may be a bit late to the party, but as I always say, better late than never!


Digital Punk & Frequencerz ft. MC Nolz – We Still Don’t Give A F_ck

Digital Punk and Frequencerz ft. MC Nolz - We Still Don't Give a F_ck

Published on Beatsmedia 21 February 2015: http://beatsmedia.com/digital-punk-frequencerz-ft-mc-nolz-we-still-dont-give-a-f_ck/

The Hardstyle gangsters have teamed up on Scantraxx Recordz to bring the darkest, rawest track I’ve heard from Scantraxx this year. This collaboration features artists: Frequencerz, who are among the most popular Hardstyle duos in Australia previously signed to Fusion Records, and MC Nolz.

The introduction itself refuses to spare a moment, so don’t expect to be gently led into this track. Even while the melody is compressed, listeners can feel the intensity that refuses to be tamed. In the breakdown, the rattling, the modification of Nolz’s vocals, the tinkling chains…These Hardstyle producers take every opportunity to build and maintain dramatic suspense. The lyrics are simple and MC Nolz starts off like he’s having a conversation with a fellow raver, before he begins to make loud and powerful declarations. It adequately represents the atmosphere of a Hardstyle rave and the rebellious attitudes of each raver. In fact, Nolz’s words are still audible despite the powerful growls and screeches of the synths and melodies. Evidently, the track is well mastered.

This is not for the people who like cheesy tunes and most definitely not for the weak. This is for the Hardstyle ravers who want to have their heads explode at a rave where the volume is loud and vibrations can be felt flowing through every vessel.

‘We Still Don’t Give A F_ck’ will be released through A2 Records on the 18th of February.

Overall rating: 10/10