Lion Babe – Where Do We Go

Would you ever combine Disco House with Hip Hop and Trap percussions? If your answer is no, this track by Lion Babe will break all those fictional musical barriers and exceed all expectations. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think this combination would be possible!

Imagine being on a dance floor and hearing the disco elements, reminiscing about those good, old golden times. Then, something about the additional layer of percussion begins creeping in the minds of the unsuspecting dancers…and poof! A brand new creation. The transition between each of these layers, these features of distinctly different genres, is absolutely flawless. In fact, it sounds almost natural, as though they have been mixed together in this pot of rainbow delight for many years.

If you don’t mind having a funky funk every now and then, or if you’re looking for something fresher than the prince, Lion Babe will tell you where to go and you’ll know what to do. Dance, baby, dance!

PS – I really wish this could be one of the tracks that people could dance or sing to for the Aussie Mardi Gras Parade tomorrow!



Fortune Cookie – Mojo

Fortune Cookie - Wild Child EP

Published on Beatsmedia 29/12/2013:

Fortune Cookie - Wild Child EP

Every once in a while, there’s an innovative Trap release that manages to sound exceptional even when it veers away from gangster-hood sounds. Fortune Cookie produced a mystical and a comparably light-hearted release titled ‘Mojo’ that can be quite refreshing to the ears.

The most evident point of difference is highlighted early on in the intro, where the tambourine shakes things up. Additionally, although a triangle is the most under appreciated instrument, its usage and emphasis in this piece creates quite a mischievous effect.

Contrary to popular usage, the drop comes in quite unexpectedly by reintroducing the intro melody. From that point onward, the most explicit effect added is the synthesized jet take-off sound. It might sound irritating to some as a desperate attempt to differentiate the second half of this track or introduce more drops.

Whether there was a need to extend the track beyond three minutes can be debatable. Nonetheless, Fortune Cookie’s ‘Mojo’ does manage to establish a loop-worthy stance in less than three minutes, which is why it deserves some credit.

‘Mojo’ is available as a free download on SoundCloud.

Creativity 6/10
Mood 7/10
Length 5/10
Instruments 8/10
Overall rating 6.5/10

Empia – Streetcleaner’s New Alias


Published on Pumped Audio 02/10/2013:


Carl Eliott, who previously produced under the alias Streetcleaner, has taken interest in a new musical direction. Thus, he decided to change his alias to Empia.

The following was what he had to say about the alias change:

Ok guys, there is a reason I have been inactive over the past 5-6 months, and that’s because I have been working on a completely different alias. In this time I’ve been laying the foundations for a new electronic music project, writing music which is definitely very different to what I’ve previously written, but music which I’m having a lot of fun writing and it is a direction which I feel I needed a new alias for, and that is why I have decided to ditch Streetcleaner.

I apologise for such a long period of inactivity, but I think it was necessary. I am very excited to launch my new project, called Empia

You can also follow Empia here:


To give you an idea of the difference in style, have a listen to the following previews! Look out for Empia’s cheeky Trap experiment!

While Trap tracks are normally associated with ghetto or gangster vibes, Empia has managed to flip that common perception around to create a really cute track titled ‘Future Feel’! The main feature that makes this track so adorable are the unique vocal stutters, created with rather innovative production techniques. Could it be that they only sound like vocal stutters because of the way Empia managed to meddle with the sound waves? Or was it because he mashed the operatic vocals together with the guitar sounds to create that impression?

Chimes usually let out a twinkling sound or a clatter when blown by a gust of wind, though it depends on what they’re made of. If you want to hear an electronic version, have a listen to the track ‘Chimes’. The high-pitched vocal stutters might sound unnecessary and disruptive. Nonetheless, the pulsing sensation and the tinkly trills can form a pretty good calming agent.

If you click into ‘Night Jungle’, you’ll notice that it includes tags such as ‘Flume’ and ‘Disclosure’, which is probably an indication of where Empia will be getting inspiration from. The chirps and the percussion the track make this piece sound like a beautiful yet active night in the jungle. While the lion sleeps, a lot of the critters could be up like little clubbers!

Will Empia be releasing anything with Komplex Sounds? Who knows? For now, keep your eyes peeled for what this amazing, versatile producer has to offer!

Best of luck to you, Carl!

Krewella – Live For The Night (Remixes)

Krewella - Live For The Night

Published on Pumped Audio 02/10/2013:

Krewella - Live For The Night

A few days after Krewella’s new album ‘Get Wet’ was leaked on SoundCloud, it was reported that ‘Live For The Night’ was remixed by chart-toppers W&W and Dash Berlin. Have a listen to the previews below!

W&W’s remix provides a more guided introduction with more emphasis on a piano improvisation. The melody acting as a backdrop to the vocals is more simplified, so that it doesn’t steal away the spotlight of that heavy Big-Room sound. This is an effective way of punctuating the track at the right moment. In addition, the percussion used prior to transition from the strong bass component creates a refreshing effect. This W&W remix is a very empowering piece that brings something new to the decks, and it’s bound to be something a lot of Big-Room house fans will enjoy.

Dash Berlin loops a slow trill quite often throughout his remix of ‘Live For The Night’. Not many people might like to hear the same notes looped over and over again without some sort of melodic variation. However, to me, this melody just has that hypnotic quality where one can loop it a thousand times and not get sick of it. Whenever there is a decompression, sounds expand like the way clouds drift apart after a rainy day to reveal the bright sun.

Although it was reported that these two remixes were official, they have not been included in the track list on iTunes or Beatport. Perhaps we’ll just have to wait and see if Columbia Records will release them in a remixes album. For now, have a listen to Krewella’s first album ‘Get Wet’ below!

Djemba Djemba remix of ‘Green Gardens’ (Free Download)

Djemba Djemba

Published on Purple Sneakers 02/07/2013:

Djemba Djemba

DJEMBA DJEMBA is an LA producer who is extremely skilled at mixing different electronic genres to create his own signature sound. He has received support from DIPLO, who recently featured his mix on ‘Diplo and Friends.

The joy, innocence, and sex appeal of the original ‘Green Gardens’ by LAURA MVULA seems like it would be hard to eclipse in a remix. Yet, DJEMBA DJEMBA’s adaptation miraculously manages to preserve the natural and playful spirit of the original mix.

The track begins with high-pitched synth chimes, synthesised with a shuddering effect. They create dreamy whirls that can sweep the crowd off their feet. Claps from the original fall like scattered rain, and gradually become clear as they decompress.

The modified LAURA MVULA vocals and ticklish hi-hats bounce like a ball, and roll in a melody as hypnotising as wind chimes. Get it for free now and check out more DJEMBA DJEMBA tunes over at his SoundCloud!

Words by Angie Ngie.


Boys Noize Go Hard (Original Review)

Boys Noize Go Hard

See the published version on Purple Sneakers (04/06/13):

Boys Noize Go Hard

BOYS NOIZE likes to bring in different electronic music genres and roll them into an energy ball in every release. He and DIPLO have made some sexy electronic symphonies together in ‘Jenga and ‘Look At These Hoes. Some might even remember the day BOYS NOIZE stunningly emerged with a giant skull at Future Music Festival 2013. BOYS NOIZE began that set with ‘Ich R U and ‘What U Want from his ‘Out Of The Black album, and made the crowd go insane.

BOYS NOIZE‘s latest single titled Go Hard brings back the yellow smiley face on the album cover to foreshadow the innovative combo. The kicks and bass pump loudly in the intro, and every hit is a thunderbolt. It sounds like a series of old-school Happy Hardcore or Hard Trance beats, slowed down to the Progressive tempo of 150BPM. It dims down explicitly to welcome the edgy Trap like a loud declaration, and drops to bring in Acid synths. Towards the end, the track isolates the deep bass and allows it to connect dotty drip-drops. It seems to flow back and forth with a rich Dubstep grind.

BOYS NOIZE is one of a handful of artists who crush the walls of electronic music genres. Hear the sound of evolution ringing in the air, embrace it, and go hard!

Words by Angie Ngie.