TeddyLoid ft. Vocaloid IA – Shooting Star

It sounds so natural, it scares me, but delights me at the same time. Innovative technology has advanced rapidly enough for new Vocaloids, which are basically electronically generated vocals, to keep appearing in Japan’s E/DM scene. As they keep topping Oricon charts, they have attracted a multitude of talented producers. I thought they would be a passing fad, but when I finally heard an Electro Trance Vocaloid track that doesn’t sound robotic, I was blown away.

In the past, I’ve always thought that the main weakness of Vocaloid is that they sound horribly unnatural. However, I just had to include ‘Shooting Star’ in this blog because, unlike many others, producer TeddyLoid actually bothered to make the Vocaloid sound more natural. I no longer had to force myself to accept the artificiality for the sake of acknowledging a well-composed melody like many others. Instead, I could just listen to it and appreciate every aspect of it, just as I would appreciate any of my favourite tunes.

TeddyLoid knows exactly what makes E/DM and J-Pop fans tick. With typical elements you’d expect to find in any electro trance track, seamlesss transitions and euphoric melodies, it won’t be hard to lose yourself and dance, unless you’re sick of the mainstream stuff. In fact, I woudn’t be surprised to hear similar elements in tracks from other major E/DM labels or pop labels. However, if you don’t mind having a guilty bite from the poison apple every now and then, IA can be your pink lady.

There are English versions of Vocaloids, but they sound a bit more awkward than their Japanese originals, which is probably why they aren’t used by Western producers very often yet. Nevertheless, this track does make me think that a music industry filled with artificial singers, singing in a way that people can swallow more comfortably, is not that far away. Who knows? An English or American company is probably developing another brand of vocal generators right now.


Orjan Nilsen – Shenanigans

Orjan Nilsen - Shenanigans

Published on Beatsmedia (24/1/2015)

Having released several tracks that are among the most popular releases in the world of Trance, Orjan Nilsen has returned with yet another smashing hit.

Ever since I heard ‘Shenanigans’ on W&W’s Mainstage Podcast #235, it’s etched its presence into my mind. The bass line is loaded with so much punch that people will feel like they’re jumping a thousand miles into the air.

One slight annoyance for me would have to be that awful pitch riser. It was enough to make me cover my ears for a few seconds. However, the bass line and chorus would make a great addition to any DJ set as long as you bring it in after the aforementioned issue.

‘Shenanigans’ has been released through Armada Music’s sub label Armind on the 15th of December 2014.

Melodies 10/10

Bassline 10/10

Percussion 10/10

Pitch Riser 2/10

Krewella – Live For The Night (Remixes)

Krewella - Live For The Night

Published on Pumped Audio 02/10/2013:

Krewella - Live For The Night

A few days after Krewella’s new album ‘Get Wet’ was leaked on SoundCloud, it was reported that ‘Live For The Night’ was remixed by chart-toppers W&W and Dash Berlin. Have a listen to the previews below!

W&W’s remix provides a more guided introduction with more emphasis on a piano improvisation. The melody acting as a backdrop to the vocals is more simplified, so that it doesn’t steal away the spotlight of that heavy Big-Room sound. This is an effective way of punctuating the track at the right moment. In addition, the percussion used prior to transition from the strong bass component creates a refreshing effect. This W&W remix is a very empowering piece that brings something new to the decks, and it’s bound to be something a lot of Big-Room house fans will enjoy.

Dash Berlin loops a slow trill quite often throughout his remix of ‘Live For The Night’. Not many people might like to hear the same notes looped over and over again without some sort of melodic variation. However, to me, this melody just has that hypnotic quality where one can loop it a thousand times and not get sick of it. Whenever there is a decompression, sounds expand like the way clouds drift apart after a rainy day to reveal the bright sun.

Although it was reported that these two remixes were official, they have not been included in the track list on iTunes or Beatport. Perhaps we’ll just have to wait and see if Columbia Records will release them in a remixes album. For now, have a listen to Krewella’s first album ‘Get Wet’ below!

Datamotion – Let’s Go EP

Datamotion - Let's Go EP

Published on Pumped Audio 16/07/2013:

Datamotion - Let's Go EP

Datamotion – ‘Let’s Go’ EP contains tracks that masterfully use synths to build momentum. If anyone’s looking for something rough and tough to dance to, put this on the radar!

‘Let’s Go’ (Original Mix) has different spins and whirls to keep the crowd entertained. Hard kicks jump in unexpectedly, and somehow fuse with the electromagnetic melody. What’s different about these kicks compared to usual Hard Dance kicks is its soft landing and dreamy echoes, which fits well with a Trance tempo.

‘Poze’ starts off with some chewy synth treats. After some snappy beats and percussion, the whole track takes off into space with Dubstep influences. Instead of making the drop fall like a burning rocketship, the track goes into some rough Electro bass lines that will make anyone jump or grind.

People who thought ‘Poze’ was intense will certainly be just as inspired and awed by the juiciness of ‘Bang’. It begins with some simple drumming and catchy lyrics. When Datamotion finally decides to “pump up the bass”, Electro sounds of a slightly higher pitch than that of ‘Poze’ shoot and shudder. The vocals have a cut-off “eh, eh, eh” that encourage the crowd to “eh” along, and they aren’t played too often, so they definitely won’t annoy anyone. In fact, it feels great to chant along!

‘Let’s Go’ is now available on Beatport. See more from Datamotion here.