Lion Babe – Where Do We Go

Would you ever combine Disco House with Hip Hop and Trap percussions? If your answer is no, this track by Lion Babe will break all those fictional musical barriers and exceed all expectations. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think this combination would be possible!

Imagine being on a dance floor and hearing the disco elements, reminiscing about those good, old golden times. Then, something about the additional layer of percussion begins creeping in the minds of the unsuspecting dancers…and poof! A brand new creation. The transition between each of these layers, these features of distinctly different genres, is absolutely flawless. In fact, it sounds almost natural, as though they have been mixed together in this pot of rainbow delight for many years.

If you don’t mind having a funky funk every now and then, or if you’re looking for something fresher than the prince, Lion Babe will tell you where to go and you’ll know what to do. Dance, baby, dance!

PS – I really wish this could be one of the tracks that people could dance or sing to for the Aussie Mardi Gras Parade tomorrow!


Gorgon City ft. Jennifer Hudson - Go All Night

Gorgon City ft. Jennifer Hudson – Go All Night (Freemasons Remix)

Gorgon City released an album in December 2014 and it appears that a few of their releases will be lifted off the album and released in the form of multiple singles. I received the ‘Go All Night’ remixes in my inbox today. Seems a bit late, but better late than never!

Firstly, let’s start with the original mix. Unfortunately, it was plain and just like any other House track. I didn’t hear any new sound effects, cool arrangements or interesting moments that made me go wow. No transitions that led to anything more exciting or original. Gorgon City really seemed to be holding back a lot or staying safe.

On the other hand, every element in the Freemasons remix was considerably amplified, edgy and filled with attitude. Those descending bass lines were simple yet complemented Jennifer Hudson’s vocals perfectly. Freemasons were not afraid to be bold with twangs while adding classic, funky elements here and there. This remix strikes the perfect remix between the old elements and the new. Not to mention, I really liked that creepy, echoing component towards the outro. It was quite a cheeky move.

I tried to find the release date of the Freemasons remix, but it wasn’t really clearly stated anywhere. I went on iTunes via the Global PR Pool link, but it said the release wasn’t available in Australia. I do know the original mix was released in December 2014, but I wasn’t sure if these remixes were released afterwards. Anyway, if you know the date, feel free to tell me in the comments and I’ll update this post.

Watch out for the Freemasons remix!

Roisto - Apart In Love

Roisto – I’m Who You Need

Published on Beatsmedia UK 10/02/2015

Finnish Disco and electro producer Roisto released an EP which has received several positive reviews from blog such as Music Is My Life, Thump and Earmilk. One of the tracks on the EP, titled ‘I’m Who You Need’, has recently been uploaded to the Ministry of Sound YouTube channel.

The piano notes might not necessarily flow smoothly throughout, but as a whole, this track has an exciting variety that would be best described as colourful in visual terms. It has everything you’d hear from the seventies, sprinkled about in various places. There’s nothing too excessively overpowering, nothing repetitive, nothing too cliché. This track has a clean and crisp composition that’s joyful yet pleasantly relaxing.

‘I’m Who You Need’ has a relevant title, for it’ll be just the thing you need to have a good time. The track has been released on the 27th of January and is now available on Beatport.

Instruments 10/10

Compositions 7/10

Bassline 10/10

Overall 9/10

Diana Rouvas - Heart Of Goodbye Club Mix

Diana Rouvas – Heart of Goodbye Club Mix | Holiday Review Series: Post 7

For those of you who might have no idea as to who Diana Rouvas is, I shall provide some interesting details below. In fact, it’s part of what makes the club mix great.

Diana Rouvas was a contestant on The Voice Australia who made it through the rounds with her low, raspy, sexy voice.

After that, she landed herself a deal with Universal Music Australia, and released ‘Heart of Goodbye’.

This was later accompanied by a club mix by Glamstarr, which was released on Beatport under the House category. You can visit the Beatport link for a preview, because I couldn’t find a club mix preview on YouTube or SoundCloud.

There are two reasons why I thought having a club mix of this track was a brilliant idea. Firstly, considering the style f the original mix, the age of Diana Rouvas and the judges on The Voice, I would assume that the majority of her fans would be above the age of 30. More specifically, this would attract audiences aged 44 and above – The people who were either born in the 70s or lived through the 70s. Just imagine all the awesome memories this is going to bring back for the people who lived through the disco ball era!

Secondly, despite the fact that the bittersweet nature of the lyrics were highlighted in the original mix, the club mix actually brought out the positive side of the lyrics. Love is hard, yet joyful. This club mix is like the moment where lovers everywhere celebrate after conquering hard times. Also, considering the fact that I am not that old, and still enjoy this track very much, it works.

The ‘Heart of Goodbye’ club mix was released through Universal Music Australia on 17/05/2014.

Sailor and I - Tough Love

Sailor and I – Tough Love Remixes

Published on Beatsmedia 18/07/2013:

Sailor and I - Tough Love

Sailor & I’s ‘Tough Love’ allows minds to rewind as its listeners sink into retrospection. It can be challenging to remix an excellent acoustic or orchestral track, but the producers of the remixes in this single manage to execute and arrange sound elements quite carefully, leaving adequate space for their personal spin on things.

M A N I K’s remix splices and reassembles the violin melody for an unsettling effect. Yet, it produces an interesting illusion of tranquil flow, and disseminates a light of hope that flickers as weakly as candlelight flame in emotional terms. Melodic notes around the track’s midpoint lie within a set frequency range. This is revealed when parts where the bass frequency is progressively amplified, recreating the feeling of excitement that comes with new discoveries and a sense of unity.

Aril Brikha’s remix casts spotlights on its play of percussion and use of vocal stutters. Its short, sharp bass line has more frequent hits, which heightens the haunting impatience that subtly hides in the original mix. Spliced and burned plucks from the harp sound bittersweet, and go well with the dominating, escalating pitch of choiring ‘ahs’. When the choiring ‘ahs’ reappear right at the very end, it creates an interesting cliff hanger.

The arrangement of the violin sounds in Pablo Nouvelle’s remix sound soothing most of the time, but not in the beginning or the first half. The introduction features overly manipulated sounds that seem out of place, even though they are only in the beginning for a brief moment. The choiring ‘ahs’ come in awkward, annoying threes. However, as Nouvelle features or preserves most of the violin melody, the track’s flow improves by giving the synths a chance to merge with the melody.

The ‘Tough Love’ single will be released on 21/07/2013 through Black Butter Records.

Originality 9/10
Instruments 10/10
Mood 10/10
Arrangement 8/10
Overall rating 9.3/10

The Knocks - The Feeling (Peter Thomas Remix)

The Knocks – The Feeling (Peter Thomas Remix)

The Knocks - The Feeling (Peter Thomas Remix)

Published on Beatsmedia 12/07/2013:

Peter Thomas sends a torrent of instrumental accents in his remix of ‘The Feeling’ by The Knocks, which heightens the funky sensation of the original.

The twang of the bass guitar becomes the soulful centre of attention. Aside from the laid-back vocals and a cheerful piano melody from the original, added bleeps and vocal stutters make this remix sparkle and pop.

A great track for the disco ball to spin to!

Harmony 8/10
Instruments 8/10
Mastering 8/10
Melody 8/10
Total score 8.3/10

RUFUS - Desert Night

RUFUS – Desert Night

Published on Purple Sneakers 25/06/2013:

RUFUS - Desert Night

RUFUS’ focus on high-quality execution or arrangement of sounds resulted in beautiful simplicity, and he called it ‘Desert Night’. The vocals are so sensual that it keeps the whole track under control, as the bass thuds and shudders underneath. Build-ups in the track form an unsettling disruption of the peaceful lulls as a refreshing twist. Thus, the moment when the bass drops in becomes a much needed relief. This also allows the listener to gain a feeling of renewal, or unprecedented freshness.

The music video involves the use of two Japanese actors: Shingo Usami and Natsuki Robertson. Both actors are based in New South Wales. In the beginning, Shingo sings to ‘Desert Night’ in a drunken fashion. When Shingo meets Natsuki, they bond, and begin to dance in different places around the city. Even the music video itself has two wow factors.

Firstly, everyone loves a cute romantic comedy. Secondly, and perhaps more subtly, the music video could be inferring the relationship between DJs and the people on the dance floor. Not everyone’s drunk, and not everyone understands how anyone could dance to the music. Yet, the atmosphere of union, togetherness, and silliness, warms the hearts of many.

Together, they repeat moves and the beautiful beat, again, and again.

RUFUS | DESERT NIGHT from Katzki on Vimeo.

Words by Angie Ngie.


Van She

Van She – VS Minimix April 2013 (Original Review)

Extracts published on Purple Sneakers 17/04/2013:

Van She

VAN SHE is an electro pop band based in the wonderful city of Sydney. With tracks featured in the ARIA chart, the band has played with some big names such as DAFT PUNK and BLOC PARTY. Recently, the band released a VS Minimix April 2013.

This mix begins with MACHINEDRUM’s Breathing remix of ‘Let It’ featuring MELO-X. It goes from a deep ringing bass, before heading into softness, wish-washing its listeners to a liquid state. GROOVEBOX’s ‘Brooklyn’ has great tones as well. The muffled kicks and bass is an innovative stand-out. Err-wops in the background and the vocals add bouncy feelings. Anyone listening to this at the bar will start tapping their glasses as they hear it in the track.

PLAYMODE’s ‘Ultrasonic’ gives the track an old-school vibe. The really rapid suck-ins that comes with each kick sends an electrical surge through the blood stream in their delightful subtlety. The glittery feeling continues as VAN SHE moves to LOOKBACK’s remix of ‘Just Another Groove’. Lots of class, oohs, and bass, kick the woofer to the max.

The mix travels into a sea of youthful glory when VAN SHE’s remix of ‘Ich R U’ presents its show-stopping factors. Effects in this track are arranged in a way that gives the original a remarkable face lift. VAN SHE’s synth manipulation in OLIVER’s ‘MYB’ comes by smoothly to present brilliant energy and vigour. VAN SHE continues to thrill with fresh sounds in their remix of ‘Spank’, containing sharp, catchy beats that will make any crowd jump until the dance floor cracks. Snap!

The final part of the mix is more chilled and polished. WOLFGANG GARNER’s ‘Anaconda’ has a fizzling effect and a synth that will rock any boat and body. The build-up to the zippy sounds makes it the perfect track for a summer speedboat getaway. JUSTIN MARTIN’s ‘Ruff Stuff’ is also cheeky and sneaky as a wink or a nod. It has trippy melodies and chewy melodies, which stick to the mind like gum. DUKE DUMONT’s remix of ‘Falling’ highlights the original mix’s slightly tribal theme with its percussion. Yet, unlike wild sounds, this track is as peaceful as a campfire.

VAN SHE’s mini mix goes from good times at its peak, to chilling at the beach. It has variety of influences, both old and new, as well as some well-executed remixes. This mix takes the listener to a state of bliss, and definitely creates a lot of anticipation for the fans. What’s next?

Kitsune Parisien 3

Kitsuné Parisien 3

Published on Pumped Audio 18/2/2013:

Kitsune Parisien 3

Have you ever heard of a foxy label which sells both music and clothing? You’d know which DJs to watch out for in a party, and you’d know exactly what to wear to get there – Best of both worlds, right? Right! Kitsuné Parisien 3 is a compilation from the Kitsuné label based in Paris. It’s packed with the cuties, the creamies, and the chillies. In other words, it can also be the guide to – L’Amour!

To give you a good impression, let’s start with the cuties’ category and begin with a sunset. There’s a little instrumental pop-up named ‘Color’ by G.A.Y, ideal for those carefree couples who are eloping from a reality full of hardship and rejection. If there’s hunger while eloping, chop-chop to a chop-sticky afternoon with some pork chop noodles, for you can never choke on the delicious ‘Donna’ by Dombrance. People will stop their evening chatter and stare, just to hear the build-up. The gradual introduction of different elements has an incredibly consistent momentum.  As the evening sun sets, the sky turns dark. The stars fade in with Boston Bun’s remix of ‘Give Mo Luv (feat. eLBee BaD). The bouncy, deep bass drip its way in, and those vocals make anyone feel playful. This is when someone offers to get a plate of dessert. Skip to ‘Phenomena’ by Synapeson on the way to the table of food, and imagine licking the cream off a beautiful pair of lips.

Speaking of cream, this is where the creamies come in! ‘Noise’ by TOYS is the perfect background music to a candle-lit feast of flirty conversations. The drumming and percussion is like the slow, passionate motion of running fingers through a lover’s hair. The rapid “Dun-dun” is the heartbeat of two engaging in a French kiss. Bongos in ‘Cosma’ by Le Crayon make it start off from a beach setting, before it drives its way into the city. This is where ‘UV’ by Cinema comes in to put romantic laser beams, and whispers in the language of love! ‘Air Francr’ by Joris Delacroix adds a little sparkle here and there. ‘Teion’ by BeatauCue peacefully ends with a hypnotising, deep bass, making way for the amazing guitars of ‘Kané’ by FAUVE. ‘Don’t Bother’ by Saint Michel sends the lovers into a whirlwind trance.

Hmm, that’s enough flirting! Dirty dancing makes things hot as crushed chillies! Be that impending doom that approaches with the intro of ‘Wolf’ by Pyramid. Imagine yourself as a disco dancer slash wolf slayer slash rocker, and that’ll bring your self-esteem all the way up for the night! ‘Arym’ by Monsieur Monsieur’s silent bass will lead dance partners into a tango, giving just enough time to grab a rose off a vase before the claps of intensity come in! Hear that echoing “Cha! Cha!” sound? That’s the heavy breathing of passion! Combined with the claps, it brings the track to a state of dangerous grandeur. It’s kind of like a James Bond in itself! ‘Transylvania’ by Superpoze is a reminder of how it may be essential to be hard to get. Like the cold ice shingles in a glass cup, the threatening appearance of a masked, cloaked figure emerges from the shadows. Mystery adds the spice!

Oh, je t’aime, Kitsuné! People can do so many things while listening to this album, but one thing’s for sure – it’s bound to make people shimmy! Kitsuné Parisien 3 (Deluxe Edition) is now available on Beatport. Deluxe edition, deluxe sound, deluxe romance! L’Amour!