Mad Dog – Not My Tempo

This title is the best phrase that can be used to describe the feeling I get when I’m in the mood for Hardcore and no other genre satisfies that craving. It instantly drew me in and when I finally found the time to press play, I was in for the ride of my life. It’s as if Mad Dog himself could read my mind.

Although it wouldn’t be surprising for anyone to hear crude lyrics in a Hardcore track, Mad Dog still managed to deliver the shock value. This is because, while some tracks rely on such narratives to make dull melodies sound edgy, Mad Dog’s sounds were just as violent as the sound bites that were used. The track has random yet well-timed tempo changes that can make hearts drop from the fall and make heads explode from the surprises. Also, the parts that were between 180BPM-200BPM just instantly puts a stake through my heart and allows all of my frustrations to evaporate into thin air.

Mad Dog’s release is jam packed with drama and entertaining from start to finish. I would advise anyone who loves Hardcore or Mad Dog’s creations to resist listening to this online and wait until you hear this live from the producer himself, especially if he tours in your area often. If Mad Dog ever played this track exclusively in a performance, I can only imagine how crazy the crowd went and envy them, from this indoor environment I’m currently writing in.

‘Not My Tempo’ has been released on Traxtorm Records.


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