Sub Sonik – Go F*ck Yourself

Sub Sonik has released a raw track titled ‘Go F*ck Yourself’ under its sub label WE R Raw. I would usually consider this label to be one that has its forte in more melodically uplifting styles, so this is quite a surprise for me. Though, perhaps the fact that I didn’t know about the sub labels until now probably means I’m just slightly out of the loop. Heh.

In segments where there are repetitions of three notes, operatic chants, taunting messages and a temporary slowdown of the kick tempo, the track really projects the picture of a gangster crew, confidently strutting down the middle of a deserted road and facing the enemy they’re about to beat up. The chorus primarily consists of ascending chords, contrasted by descending chords in the breakdown. Although the techniques used are not new, they have all been combined and timed quite well to create suspense.

On the other hand, although I am a Hardstyle fan who loves these raw elements, upon repeating this release, things gradually moved towards dullness. For starters, as Kronos seems to have hinted in one of his Instagram videos, lots of artists rely on repetitious profanity to add attitude to their Hardstyle track. Also, although the track reminds me of rebellious attitudes, as the title indicates, the entire track is focused on musically interpreting the phrase ‘go f*ck yourself’ and verbally repeating the phrase. This causes elements of this track to heavily hone in on one premise, rather than allowing different elements to be ever so slightly and subtly unique in its own way.

In my opinion, Sub Sonik have applied the techniques and arrangement very well in this piece. Unfortunately, the lack of originality made this track lose its charm after a few plays.


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