Darren Porter and Manuel Le Saux – Loud Noises

Published on Beatsmedia 5/7/2015: http://beatsmedia.com/darren-porter-manuel-le-saux-loud-noises/

Tytanium Recordings, a sublabel of Black Hole Recordings, have recently allowed two talented trance producers—namely, Darren Porter and Manuel Le Saux—to collaborate on a piece titled “Loud Noises.” However, contrary to the title of the track, it probably wouldn’t be something anyone would consider too loud at all. In fact, it would probably sound quite pleasant to most trance fans’ ears.

I really love how the entire track seems to pulse with every thump and how the light, airy melody creates a contrasting effect. The flurry of notes that pitter-patter their way in every now and then makes things quite exciting. Additionally, the gradual and simple build-ups really help make this track shine.

The release date for “Loud Noises” has yet to be announced, but trance fans will certainly make loud noises when it does come out.

Overall rating 8/10


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