Junkie Kid – SPKRS

Published on Beatsmedia 24/4/2015: http://beatsmedia.com/junkie-kid-spkrs/

Junkie Kid is an artist who has produced progressive, electro, and hard house, which is a pretty rare and impressive combination of talents. I have never heard a contemporary hard house track until I stumbled upon his SoundCloud profile, though I certainly do wish that I could hear more hard house tracks at music festivals now.

Junkie Kid’s latest free release, titled “SPKRS”, has recently been re-posted on SoundCloud by DJ Carnage. The added bass from the intro has a deep growl that is packed with attitude and adds an exponential amount of suspense to the track. Although there are very little variations between the multiple climaxes in this track and its additions are slightly cliché, I actually wouldn’t mind replaying this track a couple of times.

There’s just something about hearing this at the standard electro house tempo that makes me want to dance with my tightly-gripped fists and elbows moving in a circular motion, though it would probably be too hard for me to put them down.

“SPKRS” is now available for free. You can download the track here.


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