Jack of Sound – 911

Published on Beatsmedia 23/4/2015: http://beatsmedia.com/jack-of-sound-911/

There are a good handful of artists at Fusion Records who enjoy incorporating sound bites you’d expect to hear from horror movies into their tracks to help set the mood. One of them goes by the alias of Jack of Sound, and he often incorporates music-box like melodies into his tracks before promptly twisting and manipulating them, which could possibly be a technique used to reflect a sense of lost innocence and disrupted peace.

Jack of Sound’s latest release is titled “911.” In my opinion, contrary to the first impression I got from the title, this piece seems to represent fear more accurately than the sense of urgency. There is a lengthy segment of sound clips in this piece detailing the scenario of a woman being threatened by a murderer, though it seems to be lengthier than usual and doesn’t really seem to flow very well. There’s also a segment toward the end where the track is unnecessarily sped up. On the other hand, however, the kick used in this piece is amazing. It sounds slightly distant and empty, so when it’s accompanied by the cries of despair, it almost sounds as if all hope for rescue is gone.

If I go by the assumption that Jack of Sound was attempting to create a sense of urgency with this piece, I would say this track hasn’t pushed enough of the right buttons. However, if I interpret the track as a commentary on the ineffectiveness of the defence force in horror movies, this track does hit the spot to some extent. What do you think?

“911” will be released on May 4th, 2015 on Fusion Records.


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