Eximinds and Yan Space – Atlas

Published on Beatsmedia 8/4/2015: http://beatsmedia.com/eximinds-yan-space-atlas/

Eximinds & Yan Space’s recent track “Atlas” has recently gained support from Armin van Buuren in episode 707 of A State of Trance. According to the SoundCloud description, Armin van Buuren “handpicked” this track. It’s a slightly hyperbolic or odd way to put it, but it’s certainly not hard to see why this track would be supported by one of the most successful DJs in the world.

Vocal stutters at the beginning fade and scatter flawlessly to match the flow and ambiance of the track. This applied technique of fading in and out continues during the breakdown, when the track’s beautiful melody is given some more emphasis. Considering how lots of tracks tend to have an “either/or” approach to the breakdown (as in either giving the melody a solo or the vocals a solo), this sound slightly different from the usual and I definitely give them some credit for making things sound different.

However, there are times when things sound too rushed. For instance, if the pause right after the breakdown was prolonged slightly, it might impact the more emotional aspects of the track. I also wish that the producers put more effort into building things up gradually. Nevertheless, I still think this track could potentially leave people teary-eyed on the dance floor.

“Atlas” will be released on the 14th of April via Armada Music.

Melody 10/10

Vocals 8/10

Arrangement 6/10

Overall 8/10


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