The Extended Version of Solarstone’s ‘Shield’ Will Be Released Soon

‘Shield’ by Solarstone, which is an elegant twist on melodic tones from his previous classics such as ‘4ever’, ‘Touchstone’ and ‘Seven Cities’, has recently been uploaded as a teaser on Black Hole Recordings’ YouTube channel. Apparently, it was only partially included in the ‘Pure Trance Volume 3’ compilation as ‘part one’ and will soon be available as a full length release. However, the release date for this full version of ‘Shield’ has yet to be revealed.

With a generous portion of instrumental, breathtakingly nostalgic components, it takes the listeners into the most relaxing realm with its breakdown before gradually introducing more electronic elements to lift spirits up. The pleasant surprise is how the light bass and percussion plays such a huge part in creating the uplifting and joyful atmosphere in this piece. It somehow represents the way we overcome difficulties in our life and reach the point of resolution which allows us to let out a sigh of relief and experience euphoric satisfaction. The compressed pitch riser starts off as a slightly sharp sound before it winds back into a classic guitar twang, forming a very creative and heart-warming transition.

Would it be worth it to get the full version of the track even if you already have part one from the compilation? I say yes, especially if you can’t get enough of it. Solarstone’s ability to peel away extra or unnecessary parts and fully extract every drop potential out of every sound created clearly demonstrates why and how he has managed to stay relevant and popular for so long in this scene. Once you listen to this, you’ll start to wonder why so many producers try to over-complicate things and why no one else has ever thought of keeping things simple, slow and steady. This is the work of a pure genius.


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