Echos and Nightcall – Rainfall

Published on Beatsmedia 31 March 2015:

“Rainfall” is the result of the collaboration between Echos from Oregan and Nightcall from Gothenburg. With around 4k likes on each of their Facebook pages, it could be assumed that they’re still not widely known in the industry, yet a report on claims that they have been breaking into SoundCloud charts with every release. According to SoundCloud, “Rainfall” has gained around 89k plays in 5 days and the preview uploaded by MrSuicideSheep has around 227k plays.

Most of the elements in this piece seem to have started off sounding naturally instrumental or acoustic before morphing into a more digitised version. There are also a lot of moments where the soft, echoing angelic female vocal is the only thing that can be heard. Occasionally, the vocals were simply and effectively accompanied by one other element, such as percussion or bass. The more complex layering of sounds were reserved for the climatic portions of the piece, which was somewhat effective, but not enough. Despite how it didn’t overshadow the beauty of the vocals, the percussion and effects in the climax lacked some originality or element of surprise.

With just a little more magic, this track would have been able to get a perfect score. However, I do hear a lot of potential from this track and honestly believe that both producers will be able to create more amazing things.

“Rainfall” is now available for free here.


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