The Outside Agency – Prepare To Die / Borrowed Time

Published on Beatsmedia 17/3/2015:

The Outside Agency have proven themselves to be the pioneers of innovation in the Hardcore music scene with their latest releases “Borrowed Time” and “Prepare to Die.” Unlike most Hardcore tracks, the kicks do not rely on loudness or cliché sounds to achieve their shock value. Instead, the drum and bass influences are far more pronounced and every element or layer in each track comes together to form a brilliant coherence.

For those who enjoy mysterious, intense, and dark melodies, “Borrowed Time” offers more than enough mystery to leave you breathless. Echoing female vocal snippets in this track add a brilliant psychedelic touch. In fact, the piano and guitar melodies are so hypnotic that one might not realise that there are ghastly wails in the background until the second play through. It’s almost as if listeners will be able to hear something new each time they play the track.

“Prepare To Die” has a much more pronounced kick, yet the way it scatters and spreads is simply astounding despite its subtlety – especially in the introduction of the track. If the vibrations can lightly massage my ears through my headphones, I imagine this would sound immensely euphoric when played live.

The Outside Agency’s “Borrowed Time/Prepared to Die” EP was released March 2nd, 2015 and is currently available in both vinyl and digital formats.


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