Ran-D ft. Skits Vicious – No Guts, No Glory (Defqon. 1 Anthem 2015)

Published on Beatsmedia 17/3/2015: http://beatsmedia.com/ran-d-ft-skits-vicious-no-guts-no-glory-defqon-1-anthem-2015/

Ran-D’s recent achievements as a solo producer and as one of the producers of the Gunz For Hire project have definitely earned him a legendary rank in the Hard-Dance scene. This year, he has managed to incorporate everything you’d associate with the word “anthem” into one track, and it will be unlike anything you’ve ever heard before. Thank goodness Q-Dance asked him to produce the anthem for Defqon.1 this year!

There are several things that I love about this track, though the most noticeable original element is undoubtedly the melody. Every note that’s sustained creates the most insanely uplifting atmosphere – and with phenomenal impact. The kick produced is quite well-balanced. Despite its higher pitch, it doesn’t end up sounding too bouncy or childish. The chants towards the end of the piece add to the war-like and rebellious connotations, contributing to the way this track encompasses and/or represents the spirit of every Hard-Dance lover.

Ran-D has reached a level that no other producer has reached before – and as a result, produced one of the most memorable Defqon.1 anthems of all time. Listening to this and watching the trailer is giving me a strong urge to relive my experiences of Defqon.1.

Are you going to get tickets to the Netherlands version? Or will you go for the Aussie one?


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