Kasparov – Infected by Madness (F. Noize and System Overload Remix)

Published on Beatsmedia 12/3/2015: http://beatsmedia.com/kasparov-infected-by-madness-f-noize-system-overload-remix/

Kasparov’s ‘Infected by Madness’ was first released on the ‘This is Hardcore’ album, part of the campaign with the same name. It’s Neophyte Records’ way of compiling the best songs from their top artists with the theme, in order to introduce the best of Hardcore to new listeners. After the track’s release, Kasparov launched a remix contest so that producers could be featured on a special ‘Infected by Madness’ remix EP. The EP will also feature remixes from Neophyte’s artists Amnesys, SRB, and F. Noize & System Overload.

In this review, I will be focusing on F. Noize’s & System Overload’s remix. I’m a high-speed tempo junkie when it comes to Hardcore music. In fact, it’s one of many reasons why I love F. Noize & System Overload’s version of Kasparov’s track. F. Noize & System Overload gave me just the rough kicks I needed with a tempo that I can jump to vigorously. Halfway through the track, there’s an excellent breakdown where the pace changes slightly, with muffled wobbles reminiscent of Dubstep influences. I also love the way the screeches are twisted in the breakdown. Yet, despite this slight change in pace, the darkness and suspense of the track hardly subsides, so the breakdown can really serve as an excellent break point for ravers on the dance floor.

Unfortunately, the weakness of this remix is quite similar to the original it was based on: The flatness of the melody. If I heard this track played once in a set, I would love it to pieces, but I probably wouldn’t put this track on repeat for too long.

Kasparov’s EP of ‘Infected by Madness’ remixes will be released on the 12th of March.

Kicks 10/10
Suspense 10/10
Melody 7/10
Overall 9/10


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