Keep Rockin and Telraam

Published on Beatsmedia 26/02/2015

I came across two tracks from two labels that sounded very similar to one another with slight differences in the atmosphere that their melodies create. Although I must admit that both tracks have very catchy melodies, they’ve been repeated too often throughout each track with hardly any variations at all. It’s nice to hear these tracks chipped into a set for a brief moment, or played once in a blue moon, but putting these tracks on repeat can make people feel rather nauseated while sober. To describe it in another way, it would be like eating too many sweets and sugary things at once. The more people have too much of a good thing, the sooner they’ll get sick of it and move on to something else.

‘Telraam’ has little hints of disco inserted here and there. Each instrumental component is modified slightly to give it a fresh sound and the staccato makes things very light hearted. They complement each other extremely well. Yet, although ‘Telraam’ is just a cut-off preview, I just cannot bear to have the same melody repeated for 1:53 minute(s) straight. On the other hand, ‘Keep Rockin’ might sound a little bit better with different melodic variations. However, there’s hardly anything new in the percussion or in the way the track builds up and breaks down.

If you ever feel like having some sort of guilty pleasure, these tracks will offer some short-lived satisfaction. But if you’re looking for something to put on repeat, maybe you’ll end up looking for something else. Riggi & Piros’ ‘Keep Rockin’ was released through Armada and Zonderling’s ‘Telraam’ is now available on Spinnin’ Records.

Originality 4/10
Harmony 5/10
Chorus 6/10
Overall 5/10


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