Blasterjaxx feat. Rosette – No Place Like Home

Published on Beatsmedia 25/02/2015

It takes a lot of work to make something that sounds simply beautiful rather than simply dull. In fact, Blasterjaxx and Rosette’s ‘No Place Like Home’ is nothing short of daring. Featuring organic and natural instrumental components and sexy beats, this piece is an absolute pleasure to listen to. Expect this to be a hit at festivals that take place on the beach or in parks.

It starts off with a popping bass and a compressed melody that gradually decompresses and increases in volume. Elements of this track sprinkle and scatter to create a very exciting sensation for the ears. Then, a smooth transition is made as the track goes into the breakdown. After a brief silence, there’s nothing but the crisp sound of the guitar and the soothing female vocals of Rosette. The guitar strumming works surprising well with the digital elements when merged, which is a pleasant surprise. Although the cliché build up might be a bit too sharp, the drop isn’t too intense or destructive at all. Thankfully, most elements were well balanced.

One may not expect to hear electro house tracks to sound groovy and relaxing or nostalgic at the same time, but ‘No Place Like Home’ is a ground-breaking and exceptional case that brings people back to basics. The track was released on the 20th and is now available on Beatport.

Overall rating: 10/10


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