D-Block and S-te-fan, and Rebourne – Louder

If you’ve been listening to Hardstyle for a while, you’ll know that D-Block and S-te-fan have been around for quite some time. Their recent releases are alright, but their latest collaboration with Rebourne on Fusion Records really captured my attention. These producers have made some pretty nice melodies, even though I typically associate their style with roughness. For me, it’s an unexpected combination and the result is just as surprising.

The producers have really excelled in melding both of their styles and strengths together. Once the track starts, it flows so well that you’ll feel as if you don’t want it to end. Both the vocalist and the melody share the spotlight, complementing each other from start to finish despite their differences. Everything is so solid and steady that none of these melodic elements are fighting for attention. The track never fails to build suspense after each breakdown and the part with the kicks just keep you going. The producers manage to maintain momentum with simplicity rather than over-dramatization.

Despite slight grammatical errors in lines like “you can’t turn this energy aside”, the lyrics describe my feelings for this track quite well. No Hardstyle fan can resist dancing to this. Enjoy the continuous waves of empowerment!

Louder will be released via Fusion Records on 23/2/2015


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