Roisto – I’m Who You Need

Published on Beatsmedia UK 10/02/2015

Finnish Disco and electro producer Roisto released an EP which has received several positive reviews from blog such as Music Is My Life, Thump and Earmilk. One of the tracks on the EP, titled ‘I’m Who You Need’, has recently been uploaded to the Ministry of Sound YouTube channel.

The piano notes might not necessarily flow smoothly throughout, but as a whole, this track has an exciting variety that would be best described as colourful in visual terms. It has everything you’d hear from the seventies, sprinkled about in various places. There’s nothing too excessively overpowering, nothing repetitive, nothing too cliché. This track has a clean and crisp composition that’s joyful yet pleasantly relaxing.

‘I’m Who You Need’ has a relevant title, for it’ll be just the thing you need to have a good time. The track has been released on the 27th of January and is now available on Beatport.

Instruments 10/10

Compositions 7/10

Bassline 10/10

Overall 9/10


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