Code Black feat. Chris Madin – New World

Published on Beatsmedia 10/02/2015

Code Black is an Australian producer who was best known for his Hardstyle track ‘Red Planet’. His trademark sound lies in his kicks and melodies, which is instantly recognisable as the Code Black sound to every Hardstyle enthusiast. His latest release titled ‘New World’ will be released through WE R Music, which is a label run by the legendary Brennan Heart.

First of all, the intro itself sounds like a breakdown and takes its time to lead into the build-up and kicks. Digital notes dance around Chris Madin’s soothing vocals, accompanied by a few piano chords. This would probably be Code Black’s way of giving his crowd a chance to sing to the lyrics if they love the song. Fortunately, the pitch riser isn’t ear piercing and doesn’t last long before the classic Code Black melody and kicks come in.

Yet, the kicks and melody component itself doesn’t last for long before going into another breakdown, which raises an interesting question: Which part of this track is meant to be the climax? Is it the part with the kicks or the ethereal breakdowns? Generally, I would assume that Hardstyle artists would focus more on making the part where the kicks are as the climatic component, yet this track threw my expectations out the window.

Although Code Black hasn’t really evolved his trademark sound and the melody isn’t exactly top notch in this release, I found the arrangement of this track fascinating. It’s definitely worth a listen!

Release date: 30 March 2015


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