Press Play – Bollybounce

Published on Beatsmedia 2/2/2015

Ah, Bollywood, where people can sing and dance forever if they want to, and among the tracks that people could dance to might also include this release from Aussie DJ Press Play, titled ‘Bollybounce’.

Surprisingly, this track actually includes a great deal of Indian flavour and instruments. The trills are super addictive and whenever the low-pitched sounds make their presence as a foreground melody, there would always be a slight variation between each note. After several breakdowns, the sounds are sharpened and snipped, then a few pats to the tambourine can be heard, all of which form a very smooth outro.

Electronic music tracks infused with exotic instruments are hard to come by. Hopefully, this release by Press Play will inspire more music producers to find and incorporate more sounds made by instruments from various parts of the world.

This track was released via Ministry of Sound Australia on the 19th of January.

Download on Beatport –

Instruments 10/10
Transitions 8/10
Originality 7/10


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