T and Sugah – Higher

Published on Beatsmedia 24/01/2015

T & Sugah are a Dutch duo who have just released an uplifting preview on UKF’s Drum and Bass YouTube Channel, entitled ‘Higher’ released through the Liquicity label. Previous productions have seen releases on various, well-known platforms, including Black Hole Recordings and DrumNBass.net.

The melodies and percussions for this track actually reminds me of UK/Happy Hardcore. Although I shouldn’t be surprised, since Drum & Bass and UK/Happy Hardcore percussions are weaved together very often. The foreground melody in the beginning is light and airy, the notes do not hold for too long which helps to maintain a cheery atmosphere. Muffled, bubbly effects welcome warming piano, bringing a sweet and sugary coating to the overall sound. Additionally, the flute towards the end of the brings a sense of innocence.

Once you hear that majestic orchestration, you’ll find yourself unconsciously moving to the grooves until the very end. Be sure to watch out for this release on the 26th of January!


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