Orjan Nilsen – Shenanigans

Published on Beatsmedia (24/1/2015)

Having released several tracks that are among the most popular releases in the world of Trance, Orjan Nilsen has returned with yet another smashing hit.

Ever since I heard ‘Shenanigans’ on W&W’s Mainstage Podcast #235, it’s etched its presence into my mind. The bass line is loaded with so much punch that people will feel like they’re jumping a thousand miles into the air.

One slight annoyance for me would have to be that awful pitch riser. It was enough to make me cover my ears for a few seconds. However, the bass line and chorus would make a great addition to any DJ set as long as you bring it in after the aforementioned issue.

‘Shenanigans’ has been released through Armada Music’s sub label Armind on the 15th of December 2014.

Melodies 10/10

Bassline 10/10

Percussion 10/10

Pitch Riser 2/10


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