Helicopter Showdown, Sean and Bobo – In Russia

When I first noticed the tempo pattern, I thought I would classify ‘In Russia’ as a Trap release. However, there are so many aspects of this track that remind me of Hard Dance. It’s even considered Hard Dance on Beatport. It’s very common to find trap remixes of Hardstyle and vice versa since the two work really well with one another, but to any Hard Dance fan’s surprise, they’ll see that this track has the words ‘original mix’ in brackets.

There is no super-heavy Hardstyle kick, but there is most definitely a melody that uses notes commonly heard in Hard Dance. Memorable, simple, catchy, loop-worthy…More importantly, the variations of the kick and bass are very intriguing and suspenseful. Even the twang in the introduction will make your skull vibrate. The dry sounds in this piece give the track a hint of tropical or tribal vibe throughout.

One mistake made by the composers would be in the way they modified the stutters. If producers like Frontliner and The Pitcher can do amazing things with stutters and snippets, there’s simply no excuse for composers of any other genre to overuse stutters without adding anything new to it.

Nonetheless, this track is full of the attitude that Trap fans can expect and full of familiar sounds that Hard Dance fans will enjoy. ‘In Russia’ has been released as part of The Oak In The Acorn compliation via Straight Up Music.


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