Denis Sender and Loz Bridge – All I Ever Wanted (Original Mix)

Published on Beatsmedia 13 January 2015

Russian producer Denis Sender teams with UK lyricist and performer Loz Bridge to create the track entitled ‘All I Ever Wanted’, through Raz Nitzan Music.

The bass punch and vibration has a dry yet attractive sound compared to the rest of the track, which shines effortlessly even when morphed with various elements as a complementary or contrasting component. Once it’s given more emphasis in the breakdowns, it gives a refreshing experience that leaves its listeners wanting more.

However, the alluring lyrics and vocals are overshadowed slightly in most parts, relying on solo moments to be clearly heard. Additionally, the high-pitched notes towards the end of the preview seem to stand out far too much. It seems as though the composer slacked off a bit towards the end which is unfortunate since the melody itself actually concludes things nicely.

‘All I Ever Wanted’ is a nice track with some refreshing sections, but with just a little more effort, it could have been so much more.

Originality 7/10
Harmony 6/10
Lyrics 7/10
Bass 8/10
Overall rating 7/10


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