Sound Rush – Froz3n

Published on Beatsmedia UK 9/1/2015

Sound Rush’s début release titled ‘Froz3n’ has been released through a fairly new label in the Hardstyle scene called Lose Control Music. The label is founded by Hardstyle artist Wildstylez and Be Yourself Music. Be Yourself Music doesn’t just release Hardstyle, so the collaboration between these two labels could be an attempt to push Hardstyle to a wider audience.

The best parts of ‘Froz3n’ are the chords and the way they were embellished in the introduction. Rather than relying on the kick and bass to establish the key, each chord is played with arpeggios in the foreground melody. Despite the fact that this wasn’t used the whole way through the track, it becomes so memorable that it remains sketched in the listener’s ear even when it becomes absent after the breakdown.

However, there is a weakness: If the vocal component was a computer image, I’d describe it as blurred by pixellation. Despite the fact that each word can be heard, it seems to be buried and muffled under the kicks and melody. Perhaps the track would have sounded more organic if the natural beauty of the vocals were preserved, rather than excessively modified or tampered with.

It may come as a surprise for Hardstyle fans to see that Froz3n has a January 2014 rather than a December 2013 release date. However, the SoundCloud preview for this track was actually released in late December. It may be a late Christmas gift, but it’s certainly worth the wait.

Release date: 12 January 2015

Melody 10/10
Vocals 7/10
Lyrics 7/10
Inventiveness 8/10
Overall 8/10


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