The Pitcher – Shock and Awe Anthem

I’ve been waiting for the Pitcher to announce more details about his new releases ever since I heard the preview of his collaboration with Jack of Sound titled ‘Dystopia‘, so I got really excited when I heard he was releasing an album. Judging by how Titan and Thyron released their albums not long ago, Fusion Records seems to be on a roll with their album releases. Although I personally feel that the use of the hashtag #RealHardstyle is a bit of an odd choice since not a lot of people like debating about what’s considered ‘real hardstyle’, I do find the parental warning at the beginning of the video quite amusing. Maybe they’re beginning to think about all the young producers out there.

Before I get into the details of what I think about the track, it’s important for me to talk about the older tracks for you to understand why I think The Pitcher is amazing. ‘I Just Can’t Stop‘, ‘We Got The Summer‘ and ‘Who I Wanna Be‘ all have very uplifting melodies. Then, if you listen to ‘Another Day In My Life‘, ‘The Candyman‘ and now, ‘Shock and Awe Anthem’, you’ll notice how the kicks become tougher each time. Every time I listen to a new track from The Pitcher, I can hear him getting better and better at what he does. Now, here’s the thing: I never thought any of the tracks I’ve listed in this paragraph were flawed. The Pitcher goes above and beyond in ways I can never even think of and I don’t know how he does it!

The balance between instrumental and digital elements really helps to sustain engagement. For instance, I think the melody that comes after the drums at the beginning of the preview are modified violin sounds. Or maybe, it’s just something that sounds a bit like the violin. Regardless, I can say with certainty that the screech is impactful, yet subtle enough to make classic elegance shine through. Considering the nature of Hardstyle and the rawness of the kick, that is an impressive result.

In this track, the lyrics aren’t audible, which is creepy and unexpected if you compare it to The Pitcher’s previous creations. According to V Sauce, things are creepy to us because they resemble what we know in real life, but are slightly off. Since the vocal edit in The Pitcher’s track sounds like someone who is speaking in a language that cannot be understood, it creates an eerie feeling. This is not a new technique. After all, Frontliner turned the lyrical components of ‘Lose The Style‘ into vocal stutters so that you can only hear pronunciations instead of words. However, we all know language doesn’t sound like the vocal stutters in ‘Lose The Style’. I think that’s one of many reasons why ‘Lose The Style’ and ‘Shock and Awe Anthem’ create completely different experiences.

The melodic screeches that come in shortly after the breakdown and the piano solo offer another surprising combination. On the surface, it might sound like any typical Hardstyle screech. However, if you listen closely, there’s a ‘wow-wow’ layer to the sound that gives the melody a shaky effect. It gives the track so much life!

Judging by the title, The Pitcher probably intended to have the track be linked to a theme of military dominance. I feel as if this track is meant to be the song played after all the unnecessary bloodshed of war creates sadness for all and should be called something beautiful like ‘Widow’s Fall’. Either way, regardless of the title, I would definitely consider this one of The Pitcher’s best tracks. It’s a statement on how far he has come as a producer over the years and it will definitely give people a sense of shock and awe.


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