Tieum and Axl – Spider

Published on Beatsmedia 15/12/2014:

Although the Hardcore scene is mostly dominated by very dark themes and sounds, there are some tracks that incorporate a great deal of hilarity. To me, Tieum & Axl’s ‘Spider’ is one of the funniest Hardcore tracks of all time. I couldn’t wipe the big grin off my face when I heard this.

This song tells the story of a person who suddenly saw a spider, tried to kill it, ran away from it, then decided to try killing it again. With a country twang in both the guitar and vocals, the track clearly paints the picture of a countryman’s room in a wooden house built on barren land. After the breakdown, the vocalist screams like a warrior and the kicks come in. I could fully imagine the poor man chasing a jumping spider around the house like a madman. It also has some random group chants of “hoi, hoi, hoi”, which could be placing further emphasis on the great war between man and spider.

The intense Hardcore tempo, fierce kicks and entertaining story will flip any dance floor upside down. Gotta love it when Hardcore artists mix things up a bit!

Rating: 10 out of 10


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