Trolley Snatcha – DontStep

Creative instincts allow the weaving of unexpected elements and distinct instruments to form magical connections. This funky tune is a must-have for every Dubstep lover!

There may be accordion sounds, or xylophone sounds. It’s hard to tell, but the impression and enchantment of those instruments shine through. Trolley Snatcha doesn’t let go of any opportunity to put his electronic magic finger on instruments for a twist. Yet, careful consideration is taken in every decision to manipulate, preserving a somewhat familiar yet natural sound. The other point of originality is the subtlety and occasional wobbles in this track. This allows the track to stand out in of a pool of excessively frequent, loud and wobbly Dubstep releases.

Visions will evolve from a leisurely stroll down the street, to an undercover mission, to a tribal dance ritual, to a gangster strut, all in one track. With excellent percussion, melody, and timing of effects, one can expect a new turn of events after every transition.

Rating: 5 out of 5
Record Label: Firepower Records
Release: Archetype EP
Release Date: 28 October


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