Eptic – Level Midnight

Back when I used to listen to Dubstep and the UKF Dubstep channel very often, Eptic was one of the artists I could never forget. ‘Like A Boss‘ resides on my iTunes playlist as one of my favourite Dubstep tracks of all time. Today, I decided to reunite with Dubstep and was greeted with this Dubstep and House combo from Eptic, titled ‘Level Midnight’.

With a fading and echoing whiz, huffing whooshes and puffs lead into bouncy notes and wobbles. The percussion and notes have a sharp edge to them, acting as weapons of a playful killer on the dance floor as it leaves cut marks everywhere. Every time it descends, it releases a femme fatale. The soft bass in the background acts as a silent marauder that seems to carry the entire track like a conductor of anarchy, achieving a contrast that brings out the dangerous sound of this tune.

What I dislike about this track is the lack of variation. It relies on switching between compression levels throughout, which isn’t that fresh. Aside from a little skittle at 3.13, there is a lack of cheeky elements to make this an absolute whopper. People will definitely reach the midnight level in the game of dance, but they’ll need much more if they want to reach doom.

Rating: 3 out of 5
Label: Never Say Die
Release Date: 27 October


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