Axwell ^ Ingrosso – Can’t Hold Us Down

Former members of Swedish House Mafia Axwell and Ingrosso have released a brand new track. Don’t let the weird chew-chew intro throw you off, because it’s definitely worth listening to. The producers build suspense with successive notes hitting every beat, making it irresistible for listeners to release all the tension by moving every inch of their body.

Unfortunately, there are several downsides. The bridge sounds slightly misplaced with its sudden introduction of distorted vocals, which hardly make much of a difference to the track. Even its manipulation fail to introduce anything new and exciting. It’s unnecessary. There’s also a moment where the track speeds up significantly, which destroys the swaying sensation produced at its initial tempo.

This piece could be much more effective at creating the urge to dance if it was simpler. Nonetheless, the bass and melody is far too attractive for me to give this a two-star rating.

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Label: Def Jam Recordings & Neon Records
Release Date: Preview released yesterday, but official release is not announced yet.


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