Donkey Rollers – Dream Machine (Official Dream Village 2014 Anthem)

The Donkey Rollers are the best of the best when it comes to developing raw and devilish styles. With two experienced producers and one fierce MC, this incredibly powerful tune is something that should not be taken by the faint-hearted. The kicks and screeches are rich, yet seem to have a hint of softness that’s well-balanced with the sharper effects. It’s this softness that doesn’t make the track overly annoying or ear-piercing, keeping things well under control. It’s just like having a fizzy drink that fires up your senses as it travels into your body, rather than corrosive or acidic liquid. As such, it delivers a pleasurable listening experience. The addictive, descending chords are simply to die for, especially when operatic chants are incorporated.

There are some great lyrics in this piece, such as “welcome to my nightmare, a dream within a dream”. It is an absolutely haunting line that implies how the dream machine produces dreams that one cannot escape from. However, I am slightly confused by the contradictions in the lyrics. Aside from the prompts to “wake up” when it’s called “dream machine”, there’s also the line: “A prisoner inside the gold breeze of whispers”. I’m not really sure as to how someone could be trapped in air. Nonetheless, due to the superior kicks and melody, these contradictions can easily be overlooked and forgiven. Everyone at Dream Village 2014 will go insane when they hear this live, because this is definitely one of the best anthems of all time.


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