Mad Dog Review | Holiday Review Series: Post 17

Mad Dog is one of my favourite Hardcore artists. In this post, I’m going to tell you how my admiration for this artist was ignited.

As a person who hasn’t listened to Hardcore for long, I first heard of Mad Dog’s name from the ‘This Is Hardcore’ album released by Neophyte Records. The track ‘Agony’ starts off with accursed death chants, then explodes with a scream and a high siren-like sound. The arrangements in this piece perfectly represents how suppressed hate can build up and be released into violent anger. My favourite part is the incorporation of that old-school horror organ, melodic style, and excruciating scream in the background. In the breakdown, the notes have some sort of click to them, which greatly complements the claps that get added in. Even the bass varies as the track builds up.

The next track that I fell in love with was ‘The Flow’. I heard the Advanced Dealers remix of the track first when it was announced as part of Mad Dog’s album ‘Rudeness: Hardcore Beyond Rules’, before I looked up the original. The Advanced Dealers remix features an electric guitar solo, and I always love it when electronic music producers incorporate rock. It’s has a higher tempo than that of the original, and I usually find Hardcore songs at that tempo very addictive. Of course, I enjoyed the instrumental component of the original mix equally. The suspenseful break down features violins, light and muffled piano notes, as well as ringing bells. This effectively increases haunting suspense until the ultimate build up and chorus release. Honestly, the original mix and remix of ‘The Flow’ are tracks that allow others to hear how Hardcore can contrast the beautiful and the dark to trigger highly emotional responses and be extremely memorable.

The track that prompted me to write this Mad Dog review post, was yet another release from a second ‘This is Hardcore’ album with the ‘Rebellious’ sub-title or theme. Mad Dog’s second contribution to the album was titled ‘Rewind’.

The most surprising element was Mad Dog’s modification of what I think is a baby’s wailing cry. After all, the sound of a crying baby is often heart-wrenching because it comes from a pure and innocent soul, calling for help and unable to express it in any other way. When modified electronically in such a manner, it seems to become a cry of a suppressed beast. Isolated from the world, unaccepted and helpless. Finally, there’s another adorably cheeky element in the ending. All of a sudden, Mad Dog decided to add a funky tune with the rap lyrics: “And if you don’t like it, I really don’t give a damn”. It definitely fits well with the theme for the album since it hijacks the genre with a random insert.

Mad Dog. I suppose even the name fits his production style too. He may be mad, but he was born as man’s best friend. I look forward to hear more brilliant tunes from this creative Hardcore producer!

Update (1/7/2014): Mad Dog’s ‘Rewind’ was played as part of the Defqon.1 Netherlands 2014 End Show


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