Massai One – Wildling and Supersphere | Holiday Review Series: Post 16

Do not be deceived by the odd titles, for these releases are hardly wild or forceful. In fact, they are beautifully graceful.

The chord progressions for ‘Wildling’ are highly enchanting and unforgettable. It includes piano notes in the background, creating a plethora of pure droplets that will wash all kinds of despair away. However, there were some parts where the vocals were given solo moments intermittently. This was done far too frequently with dramatic differences in levels. As a result, the flow of the track gets disrupted in the middle segment of the entire track. Nonetheless, the melody for this piece is simply amazing.

The original mix for ‘Supersphere’ has quite an interesting chorus. The chords are hit repeatedly at levels that are closely equal. Yet, usually, other producers like to create a pulsing effect by twisting volume and compression, which is why this track gains originality points. Unfortunately, due to the lack of variations, the individual layers of this track sound less appealing when they are not all meshed together in harmonious unity, and require listeners to wait far too long for the best part as the layers get added on.

Massai One’s EP has been released through Macarize Records on 16/6/2014 and is now available on Beatport.


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