Kiesza – Hideaway (Original and Remixes) | Holiday Review Series: Post 13

Classy, light and contemporary, yet groovy and soulful. The ‘Ooh’s and ‘Ah’s in the original mix makes everything sounds sassy and spicy at the same time. And that bass line? Downright irresistible. One thing that irks me slightly is one of the build-ups, where it brings cliche, Electro-Trance like beeps that increases in pitch. It just doesn’t fit in with the light House vibe. Fortunately, that only appears for a brief second, which is why that wasn’t enough to make me hate the track at all. In fact, it’s still the version I love most in this single.

The remixes bring unique goods to the table too. Gorgon City amps up the bass line, digging deep with round twists. Every time the compression levels release and contain the sound waves like that, I get goosebumps. I especially love the flute-like parts and very subtle wobbles which are hardly overdone at all.

Zac Samuels’ remix takes the 70s vibe intro even further with more instrumental incorporations, with the piano as the main focus. Remember those beeps in the original mix? Zac Samuels managed to muffle that and tone it down with cymbals. I would have liked the cymbals to cover it up more, but nonetheless, a good effort was made to blur out the flaw.

I give this Lokal Legend/Neon Records release a 5 out of 5.


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