Frontliner and Sway – Just Film It | Holiday Review Series: Post 12

This Hardstyle and rap combination is quite unexpected, especially when it’s coming from a producer like Frontliner. With tracks such as ‘Halo‘ and ‘I’m the Melodyman‘, the man is undoubtedly one of the icons of Hardstyle, known for making marvellous melodies.

I actually have mixed feelings about ‘Just Film It’. Let’s start with what I love about it. I like how Frontliner incorporated siren-like beeps, operatic choruses, and violin segments. They give the track a whole heap of attitude and swag that I just can’t get enough of. Not to mention, just have a listen to the way the operatic choruses come in with the kick each and every time. That’s not something I’d hear every day in a Hardstyle track, so every time it happens, it just pumps energy into my veins.

Now, for the part that I’m confused about: The lyrics. “They don’t make” what “like this” anymore? Hardstyle? Well, from what I can hear, Frontliner’s methods are quite new, so it’s not like he has done this before, and it’s not like other producers have done this before many times. Sway can’t be referring to Frontliner, right? When Sway says “record” what are people supposed to “film”? How are listeners supposed to immerse themselves in a context that they can’t understand?

If people watch the music video, they might get the hint that this is about drifting on a highway, but I have no incentive to remember the rap for this reason: As far as I know, the only thing that Hardstyle lovers have in common is their love for raves and partying, but not necessarily for drifting. Not everyone is going to understand this rap in a snap, and I doubt that most Hardstylers would start to go drifting after listening to this either. With lyrics like “let me see your lights like you’re Edison”, the dead man would be rolling in his grave if he heard his name associated with gangster drifting. Also, if this rap was about drifting, why enter a password? Live by what code? The password for someone’s phone is a code that people live by? When did that ever happen? I find the rap too difficult to understand.

Anyway, despite my confusion about the lyrics, I still love the music production style. You can buy this track through Frontliner’s label ‘Keep It Up Music’ on Beatport.


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