Thyron – The Return (Total Blackout 2014 Anthem) | Holiday Review Series: Post 8

Thyron is 16, which means he’s one of the youngest producers to join the Fusion Records team. To think that he managed to compose a theme for an anthem at such a young age, and did it so perfectly.

The kicks from the beginning just come in straight on and flat out at first, which makes it a real attention-grabbing heart-stopper. Then, the more rounded version of what one would expect to hear from a Hardstyle kick comes in. It keeps pinches of dryness at the end to preserve the roughness from the beginning and make a smooth transition.

During the first breakdown, that tinkling melody becomes instantly enchanting and memorable in four notes. Four notes was all it took to incorporate mystery, nostalgia for lost innocence, and sinister darkness. Yet, the variations don’t stop there. In fact, one can expect to hear a different layer or arrangement after every five seconds or so. Thyron just delivers variation after variation, layer after layer, to showcase that wildly fearless and creative mind of his.

If you are a fan of the boom-boom-clap moments from ‘We Will Rock You‘, this track has managed to incorporate that too, with operatic chants. It’s quite surprising and original, because variations in tempo, or a tempo that moves downwards in BPM, are hard to come by in Hardstyle tracks. In fact, it makes me think that this snippet should be as iconic as Frontliner and Max Enforcer’s arm-raising monotone snippet in ‘On The Go‘. Thyron’s track even incorporates the old-school melodic style of Hardstyle octave notes throughout the track, achieving a perfect balance between contemporary and old-school Hardstyle production methods.

‘The Return’ was released on 31/03/2014 through Fusion Records. Are you looking forward to see more from this young producer with talent beyond his years?


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