Convict – Manipulating Humanity (Hardbreed 2013 Anthem) | Holiday Review Series: Post 9

Convict manipulates humanity through the manipulation of vocal stutters, producing a ferocity that can only be found in the most horrifying monstrosities. There’s so much variation going on that stutters could hardly be seen as annoying. At times, they can even sound like violins, especially when Convict incorporates repetition and rapid scratches. The vocals in the breakdown sound like a robot-beast mutant. Yet, the descending notes manage to add hints of playful elegance.  The kicks burn the dance floor with its subtle hints of dry sounds, and at a tempo of 180BPM, legs will keep wanting to jump!

‘Manipulating Humanity’ was released on 2/09/2013 through Komplex Sounds sub-label Blitzkore.


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